Friday, November 02, 2007

Favourite organising tools #9 - Office in a bag

As many of you know, I work a full-time job, run the business after work and on weekends, and I do ministry work at my church.

With all these things going on, I have to be quite portable because there's nothing worse than not having something you need. Or having it, but in the wrong location!

So I have an "office in a bag".

1. I use one of these book bags for my business & personal stuff to and fro work.

2. The pictures below show the one I use for the ministry work.

It has two pockets. You can slip paper and larger items into the big one and smaller items like keys and smaller notebooks into the front pocket which then has a plastic zipper.

I love this thing because of the handles. You can't see them very well because when I bring it back home, I store it on its side with the handles folded over so it fits nicely into my launch pad. (Just realised I've never posted my launch pad - okay, made a note and will do so)

What I keep inside

  1. Forms for doing the assessment
  2. Ministry details
  3. Notebook (Disney one) because so many people don't keep paper with them
  4. Pencil bag with mini stapler, mini staple remover, pens, highlighter, paper clips, etc)
  5. I used to have office keys but since we moved to the new church building, I do the assessments at a coffee shop so we are really portable now.

What do you use for your "office in a bag"?


Kin said...

Great idea!

Because of the nature of my work, my "office in a bag" is an actual bag. It contains:

*my diary & pen with extra catalogues and recent mail with relevent codes etc
*A party record book, to keep notes from parties
*A replacements code book, to answer questions at parties
*A replacements order book, just in case
*A "money box" with change, extra business cards and spare pens
*A calculator

If necessary my laptop will also fit in the bag.

Suzanne said...

Ooh, I like it!!! I don't think we have anything like that over here! In my red bag that I drag everywhere with me, I have my clients classification folder, their composition notebook, calculator, pen, pencil, highlighter, business cards and...keep the shock to a minimum even a bottle of WATER! No Coke in my bag. I'm getting there!

Miss Hemmings said...

Great post. I was first introduced to office in a bag by flylady, and have only just actually created mine today! I used an old leather music folder that my Dad (RIP) bought me years ago. It's perfect. It has several pockets for letters and papers, space for a few pens and I also put liquid paper, paper clips, note cards and note paper in there. I wish I'd done it years ago!