Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our launch pad works for me

I have a 3-drawer wicker thing just inside our door.

1. Now it's summer here (south africa) so we have caps in there - the sun is potent and whenever we go outside I like to be protected - and of course, our individual umbrellas (they are the small ones).

In winter, I keep gloves, scarves and woolen caps.

One drawer each and an extra for miscellaneous of the same type (extra umbrella, or extra gloves).

I put the 2 gloves together and turn them inside out so they are little balls (hope this makes sense) so there's no hunting around for a missing glove.

2. I keep my church Bible on top of the wicker thing.

3. My office in a bag and our gym bags are also there, as well as any errands that have to be run.

So before I leave the house, I grab my handbag, work bag on the other side of that wall, and then anything else from this little station.

It definitely works for me!

How do you remember what to take with you?


mary in delaware said...

I have something similar. Well, mine is a plastic 3 drawer organizer. I have two. One is labeled for each child. For shoes, hats, gloves. The other one is for me and hubby. The third drawer if for tablecloths. (I'm addicted) It works great and keeps everything where it should be.

On the wall above it, I hooked a mesh wire file box. Each of us has a file to put our paperwork. When it gets too packed I clean the files out.

texastanya said...

Good tip! I like that it's wicker and not transparent. I think that helps to make it look less cluttered.

MeganS said...

You said it girlfriend! IT WORKS FOR YOU! Sometimes people don't quite understand that you don't have to look like Pottery Barn to be organized! IT has to work for you! Great Post!