Thursday, November 15, 2007

Favourite organising tools #10 - baskets (1)

Baskets make really good organising tools for containing items. When you're organising, you always want to keep like items together and this is a great way to do just that.

It's much easier to pull a basket off a shelf, remove something and then put it back instead of feeling your way on the shelf, messing up everything. When the basket has a handle, it's also very easy to carry from room to room (like in the case of cleaning supplies).

They're cheap and you can easily re-purpose if you outgrow the basket or it no longer suits the original purpose.

To prepare for this post, I walked around my house taking pictures. Since I got 14 pictures without even trying, I'm going to have to split up this post otherwise you'll all get bored.

Here's how I use baskets in my kitchen. Pantry, bathroom and bedroom to follow!

1. to hold my cell phone charger and rechargeable batteries for my camera (this is on top of my extractor fan)
2. to hold our vitamins (the front one has the daily stuff and the back one has all the extra supplies)

to keep my recipe books next to the microwave (when I want to declutter, I pull this whole thing out and take it to the TV to work on - easy!)

to store cleaning things under the kitchen sink (notice how I write the date on the dishwashing liquid? I'm weird like that - I like to keep track to make sure we don't waste money)

How do you use baskets in your kitchen?


Tina @ Mummified Times Five said...

No pictures to show but we use a whole heap of baskets in our kitchen.

I keep one for our potatoes and onions, one under the sink for cleaning products, one in my baking cupboard for small packets and boxes, a couple in the fridge for condiments and spreads, one on top of the bench for my medications, and one in the pantry for the little snack packs I make for the babes to take to school for recess.

Raven said...

I recently moved into a house with kitchen that had very little storage and no room to store dishcloths, dish towels, and rags. There was, however, a large shelf over the dishwasher. I found two pretty sea-grass baskets that fit perfectly on this shelf and put the cloths in there. The baskets are high enough up for the contents to not be visible, but low enough to be easily accessible. When people visit, I get a lot of comments about how 'smart' of an idea the baskets were.

I just discovered your blog, by the way, and am very much enjoying it!

Coach J said...

I use them in my pantry. One basket holds all my pasta bags. Another holds small mixes, like gravy or chili seasoning, etc. Another holds instant pudding mixes. And one more holds items in small bags, like nuts to go in my choc chip cookies :)
I'm praying for you right now! Hope you are doing well....