Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday

The idea behind this meme is that we all post why and how we first started blogging and then re-post our first post again.

Here is my first post about plastic bags – can you believe it?! You can see that this blog was intended to just be a resource to post tips and stuff like that. Who knew I would have so much fun with it and that it would be my most popular blog (I have 7 in total)?

I made a really quick decision on blogging and just jumped in when I started the other blog! I started this one about a month after the other one.

I first stumbled across a business blog (incidentally, that blog fizzled after about 2 – 3 months) late in 2005 and that was my entrance to the blogging business. I was immediatly addicted and set a goal to start a blog in the new year (2006). As you can see, not much has changed in terms of fancy layouts and all the fun stuff ;)

On this blog I got my blogging rhythm going early this year when I started participating in Menu Plan Monday, Tackle it Tuesday and WFMW. Now that I’m comfortable and I have some structure, I enjoy it very, very much.
The best thing is the community and that people get me. Do you know how nice it is to get feedback? I have like 1 real-life friend who even bothers to ask about the business. The rest don't really care. Of course that's fine because everybody's different and clearly, organising, blogging and so on doesn't float their boat.
Anyway.... I'm going to ask you the same questions I asked on the other blog.
1. This was my first blog and still is my main blog in many respects.
2. I started the organising blog because I wanted a place to put my tips.
3. I actually have been feeling a bit torn lately with blogging as I would like to have only one blog. Since blogger beta arrived, I can now categorise to my heart’s content.
4. I have the two main blogs and an anonymous one (I know a couple of you have found it but thanks for keeping quiet and pretending you don’t know about the other one!).Thing is, this organising blog is a lot more popular.
5. But the other one is on my business cards and I still have a lot left!
So what do you think?
Would you combine the two?
Which blog would you move everything to?
Would you start a new blog?
Any other suggestions?


org junkie said...

Marcia, I don't know how you keep them all straight. If it were me I would definitely condense them all down to one blog but you have to do what feels right for you. Maybe you could even do two...one personal, one business. I'm excited to see what you decide!


Military Mommy said...

I agree. I can hardly keep up with the one. I have read the organising one more than I have the take charge one, but what I have seen could relate to being organized so they do share commonalities.

I think I would combine the two. I guess if you combine them on organisingtips, then just put a "redirecting post" pointing to your new home. That way the business cards aren't wasted. I also saw you have a professional webpage so maybe next time put that address on them? Just suggestions.

I do see how it gets hectic though. You do a good job of handling it all! I am impressed. ;)

annie said...

I like Laura's idea, one personal just for Marcia... one business (maybe the one on your 'business' cards).