Wednesday, March 29, 2006

10 ways to use plastic bags

1. Instead of buying plastic bin liners for your rubbish bins, use a plastic bag.
2. Use plastic bags to hold vegetable peels or scraps of meat while cooking. Then throw them in the rubbish bin – your bin won’t have any dirty smells this way.
3. Wrap yoghurts or any food that can spill in a small plastic bag first before packing your lunch. This way, if it spills, it doesn’t mess up your other food.
4. Take a couple of plastic bags with you when travelling to separate your dirty laundry.
5. Wrap your shoes in a plastic bag so they don’t dirty your clothes in your gym bag or suitcase.
6. Keep shampoos and other liquid toiletries in a separate plastic bag inside of your toiletry bag.
7. Keep a plastic bag in your car to throw the rubbish on a daily basis and remove every weekend.
8. Use a plastic bag over your hand to pick up doggy poo. Then just turn inside out and throw in the bin.
9. Re-use plastic bags when you go shopping instead of buying new ones continually.
10. Use plastic bags to pop bread in the freezer before it goes stale.

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