Wednesday, March 29, 2006

10 ways to recycle boxes

1. Put awkward-sized gifts inside – makes for easier wrapping and looks beautiful.
2. Stand all your rolls of wrapping paper in a nice square box in an unused corner.
3. Cut the top and a portion off the sides to make your own magazine holders. You can also cover them with gift wrap to blend in with your colour schemes.
4. Use the bottom of cereal boxes as dividers in your underwear drawer.
5. Open and flatten out cereal boxes and let your kids use the reverse side to draw on or for projects.
6. Use tissue boxes to hold your spare plastic bags.
7. Use smaller boxes in your junk drawer or stationery drawer to keep small items like drawing pins, paperclips and staples neatly organised.
8. Use sturdy shoeboxes to hold CD’s or photo albums.
9. Cut the top off tissue boxes and use to stand your two-minute noodle packs upright.
10. Find two or three really sturdy shoeboxes from men’s shoes and use these as slide-out drawers on shelves. Use these to store stationery and gift-wrapping supplies.

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What are your favourite ways to recycle boxes?

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