Sunday, May 20, 2007

Menu plan Monday - 21 May 2007

Hello everyone
Can't believe it's just been a week since we had no water. Amazing.
A cold front has just arrived in Jhb and if you didn't know that random fact about me, I love, love, love cold weather. So am very excited to dress up in my winter woolies, with gloves, scarves, coats, the works! [Edited to add - The headline in today’s paper says Big Freeze in Jhb and my car’s thermometer read 3 degrees this morning.]
Anyway, because of the Weight Loss Challenge, I did some healthy cooking this afternoon, a la Weigh-Less. Can't be embarrassed in blog land on Tuesday!

Stirfried beef, veggies and rice in a satay sauce. I'll tell you a secret - I used choc-chip peanut butter last week and you couldn't even taste the difference! Yum.

Spaghetti bolognaise - carried over from last week

Baked potatoes with a spicy tomato lentil sauce

Chicken and mushroom casserole with rice

Beef lasagne (McCain - trying it out). After all, it's Friday!

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And now, I'm off to jump into bed with my mug of tea and my book! Love this cold weather!


Military Mommy said...

Looks like your having a yummy - but healthy - week. Good job!

annie said...

It's warm here... the kids just came in from swimming with their red noses...
Your menu looks yummy. I have mine typed out I just need to post it.
Have a great week Marcia!

UKZoe said...

Sounds like a good menu. I really have to write next week's with weight loss in mind.

Sandra said...

Looks great, thank you for sharing :)

I was just talking to my family yesterday and they were telling me that it's really cold in JHB. I can't wait to go back home, I hope we can get together when I do :)

Menu Plan

Anne said...

Yum, the tomato sauce for the potatoes looks interesting! Enjoy your colder weather- we certainly get our share of it up here in North Dakota- *sigh*!

tegdirb92 said...

Oh my...I'ts over 100 degrees here in the southwest!! I would LOVE some of your cold temps! Great menu plan.

Jennifer said...

Looks like a yummy week for sure! I'm a little jealous of your cold weather. It just didn't get cold enough for me this winter - I sure would love to have some snow! And we're at 80 degree weather now. Maybe some winter soon I'll get some snow!

JennaG said...

This is the best menu I have seen this week. Yum!

CoachJ said...

I like the cold, too; problem is, we only experience maybe a month or two of temperatures that call for the big coats, and hats, and gloves. I hope your weight loss is going good!!