Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Works for me Wednesday - preventing the flu

As you know, it's winter here in the Southern Hemisphere and I told you on Monday that we are in the midst of the BIG FREEZE in Jhb.

This morning (Tuesday) when I got in my car it was -1.5 degrees and went down to -3. When I got back this evening, it had only warmed up to 6,5 degrees.

Anyway, I have some tricks that prevent flu in this house.

  1. The minute the weather starts cooling, we start buying oranges and both of us will have an orange a day to get that Vit C.
  2. We also take a vit c tablet every day. If I feel flu symptoms coming on, I immediately have 6 vit c, 4 hours later another 6, and usually after that, the tickling throat is totally gone.
  3. I cook with garlic more than I usually do. Garlic is a natural booster for your immune system.
That's it - short, sweet but effective. I haven't had a sick day off work for about 8 years.

For more WFMW tips, visit Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer.

P.S. Can you believe I have an appointment with the gynae first thing tomorrow? I picked the coldest weather for that!


CoachJ said...

You know, I'm trying hard to come up with a sarcastic comment about garlic and going to the "gynae", but lucky for you, it's escaping me right now. :) You could schedule that appt. in better weather unless there's another reason....

Military Mommy said...

Great tips! Your record without missing work is amazing! That's a long time!

Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you. That's one of my least things to do, I'm sure you agree. ;)


the wooden porch said...

We've noticed when we eat lots of oranges we don't get sick either. What a great tip! I love the chewing Vit C tablets. It's like candy. :-)