Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How long does blogging take & how to comment smarter

Two things

I get this question all the time from people. How much time does blogging take?

It's so difficult to answer. Well - the short answer is a lot. But of course there are ways and means of reducing your blogging time.

But then......I found this great post and had to share it with you guys.

Tell me what you think.

Then because I'm blogging about blogging, I loved Michelle's post on commenting.

So if anyone is reading this, please go read her post. And then go fix your profile settings so we can communicate better. Please ;)


annie said...

I love when I can reply to comments too, makes life easier!
Hope your Wednesday is a great day!

Military Mommy said...

Thanks for linking to the post. Hopefully this will help us "talk" with alot more of our readers! :)

I mean, I really want to talk to the 3 people who read my blog, you know? ;)

Marcia said...

Michelle - exactly! I sooo get this. I also want to be able to talk to the 2 people who read my blog ;)

Annie, thank goodness you and I show our address. That's how we can have all those wonderful email exchanges about bags, driving and who knows what?! ;)

Jennifer said...

I changed mine after reading something you wrote a while back. I love it for answering questions and such. I hate trying to answer a question by leaving a comment back on their blog.
However, maybe I'm a total geek or something, but I love it when people actually leave a comment on my blog instead of just sending an email - and some will only answer in an email and not come to my blog. I know, it's silly and not a big deal. But I'm glad you had shared this, because I really like this option!