Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Org challenge - the big reveal

I'm back from holiday - landed at 10.25 am and straight to work. Will post more later this week (with pics) but will say we had a wonderful time. I always LOVE being with Dion for extended periods of time.

I really had to prioritise tonight so these were the 6 things on my list. The numbers are the order in which I tackled them.

2. Download photos (while typing answers)
1. Download email
2. Reply to email interview (journalist contacted me while on holiday and this is due tomorrow)
5. Post Org Challenge (while hair dries)
4. Wash hair (the coast wrecks my curly hair and turns it to pure frizz - not a pretty sight)
3. Unpack (change of pace from computer work)

Okay, now onto the challenge...bear in mind that I didn't do this for the prizes but for the accountability. And my personal goal was to declutter paper from my old files.

As for the hubby, I am off-limits from his stuff. Which I can respect without understanding. He wants his space to be his space. I asked him if he'd like me to help him and you know what he said? No thank you; I don't want people messing with my stuff! So there you have it

1. What was the hardest part of the challenge for you and were you able to overcome it?
Motivating Dion. Also, underestimating the speed at which he declutters and organises his stuff. Yes and no. I told you at the beginning that a lot of this stuff belongs to D. He is not as ruthless with paper as I am. And I realised that I am incredibly good at throwing paper away (hey, it's less to file, right?!).

He has been through boxes and boxes of stuff but there is still a small pile where I wanted...nothing. And he didn't even start on the shelves. BUT I am so happy that things are moving in here.

For me, the hardest part of any project is just starting. I have perfected tricking myself over the years though. I tell myself "just 15 minutes" and using this method, have written lots of e-books, e-courses, workshop materials and so on (have a look here if you're interested). I think it's the same with anybody.

2. Tell us what kind of changes/habits you have put into place in order for your area/room to maintain its new order?
I am not just dumping tote bags in the bag corner. I am working more with project folders and once the project is done, I carefully consider which pieces of paper I really want to keep before filing.

3. What did you do with the "stuff" you were able to purge out of your newly organized space?
I donated an old radio and lots of files to Bea (our cleaning lady). And everything else was paper and magazines, so those were recycled.

The Fitness Flyer is on a few websites and we're waiting for buyers. If not, we will take it to Cash Converters (2nd hand store) with the film projector.

4. What was the biggest lesson you learned from this experience?
Accountability is key to get you moving! Don't print or keep anything you can get online.

5. Now that you have completed the process, do you think having and keeping your space organized will make a difference in your life?
It already does make a huge difference in my life.

This is why I do what I do - I want everybody to have that same feeling of peace that an organised and uncluttered space gives you.

Now for the fun bits - the photos...
Edited to add - I see that my before pictures are under my after pictures. I am too tired to spend another hour fixing it so enjoy anyway.

The back of the room (look in the right corner!)

The bag corner (used to be a real dumping ground)

Files decluttered and lots of paper thrown away. There was a lot more - I just like this picture.

Shelving in wardrobes


org junkie said...

Welcome home!! And already back at it and hard at work I see. I loved your answers to the questions, great pieces of advice in there. I have the exact same problem with my husband....I respect him without understanding as well.

Great job on your big paper purge!!

Coach J said...

I second that: welcome home!! I just love that you say you're going on HOLIDAY; we say vacation over here, but I might just have to adopt that word.
Good job on the room and being a role model for the rest of us!

Debi said...

Congratulations! Wonderful job! It does just feel so darn good, doesn't it?

Barb, sfo said...

Great job on this room!

Robin said...

Congratulations on completing your challenge. Well done!

Coach Jenny said...

I tagged you, whenever you are available to play along and want to....come see.

annie said...

Hey Marcia,
Thanks, everyone says we look alike but I honestly don't see it.
If you ever tire of your green wallet, you just let me know :o).

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Great job!! Way to get organized :)

Misslionheart said...

Well done Marcia!