Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - lists I have in my planner

Thirteen lists in my daily planner

1. Goals for the year (of course) - when you sign up to my mailing list, you get a free goals page as part of your welcome pack. It's the purple box on the top right ----->

2. Personal information (I have this typed on a separate page because I’m too lazy to write it out every year, so I just edit as necessary and reprint. Also much neater).

3. Important telephone numbers (like the locksmith, handyman, and so on)

4. Reference numbers (my insurance policy numbers, all my bank account numbers, Jhb connect meter numbers, etc.)

5. Ministry telephone, email and birthday list

6. Birthday list

7. Movies to see

8. Books to read/ buy

9. Favourite movies (just for Dion who badgered me until I made the list! – guess what’s on there besides those on my profile?)

10. Websites to visit

11. Ebooks to read – I have tons, so I do about 4 a month and of course, I schedule it in.

12. Personal shopping wish list

13. Website usernames and passwords (I know I’m not supposed to do this but there are 22 on the list, and I don’t put any involving any money on here)

What lists do you keep?

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Lisa said...

I have two different book lists, birthday list, password list, to do lists (short term, and long term), project list (things I'd like to make) and a frequently used address list.

Happy Thursday.

annie said...

I have lists of lists! good list marcia.

Military Mommy said...

You are the most organized person I know! I love it - you are an inspiration!

I usually have 3 main lists going: To do (broken down in categories), Projects (big ones that will take awhile), and grocery list. :)

Nicholas said...

People have given me planners as Xmas gifts and I always start them with the best of intentions, filling in all sorts of information, most of which I alerady know by heart or else will never need. By the second week in January they are usually on the shelf where they stay until I use them for scrap paper. I find I can get by with a small black address book and the kitchen calendar.

Rae said... if I was just half as organized as you, even in my list department, I'd be doing great. I love the idea of including numbers for locksmiths & such, how brilliant. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Tracy said...

Great blog!! I'm listing you on my fave blogs for SURE!!

I'm list maker too... AND can't live without my planner...

I also keep copies of my weekly menus (which list the grocery list on the left hand side and the menus on the right hand side).. I have 6 rotating master menus....