Friday, May 18, 2007

Are you sentimental?

I am usually not a very sentimental person.

With letters, cards and notes, I restrict myself to a memory box which is the size of a big shoebox (the ones that boots come in).

When that box gets too full, I make myself go through it to throw out things that are no longer as meaningful for me. It's amazing to me how something that you absolutely had to keep at the time can lost its sentimental value after a few years.

Anyway, back to these shoes.

When Dion and I got married 12 years ago, we had to drive to Harrismith on the day because we were booked to sleep over at a motel that night. We then drove the rest of the way to San Lameer the next day.

We were in such a hurry and in those days, I didn't have all my travel lists so I grabbed my clothes bag and my takkies and off we went. Sometime on the way (might have been the next morning) I realised that I only had one of my shoes and the other must have fallen out of my hands before we left.

So when we got to Margate (just outside San Lameer), we stopped at Mr Price and bought these shoes. I wore them the entire honeymoon but not very much when we got back because they're not the most comfortable shoes.

Now these shoes have travelled with me from house to house (this is the 4th place since we've been married), I wear them once or twice every December and that's it.

But I recently bought a new shoebag that takes 10 pairs of shoes and because I wanted everything to fit nicely, I thought of throwing these out.

And then I felt really sad.

So that's when Dion suggested taking a picture of them. The idea to blog about it was my idea. Kind of like closure. And you'll be pleased to know I let them go quite easily after that. And my shoebag looks very pretty now.

Now that I've bared my soul, it's your turn.

Are you sentimental? What do you do with items that you just can't let go of? And how do you control your sentimental keepsakes?


Military Mommy said...

I used to be out of control in this area. I think it was because I had a really rough childhood, so the things that were special to me = I just couldn't let anything go.

I am doing much better with this now and I totally give counseling the credit. Dealing with my issues have helped me to realize that most "stuff" is just that. I love your idea about the big shoebox. I may try that one myself.

I guess the thing I am most sentimental about is my aunt's bible. She was like my mother and it is worn from all the years of her reading it, marking in it, making notes & prayer requests / answered prayers. It would be the one thing I would grab along with my family if my house were on fire.

Great post topic! And a great idea to take a photo of your shoes. I'm glad you blogged about it. ;)


JennaG said...

I am not as sentimental as I used to be. Now, I just can't stand clutter and I throw a lot away. I've rarely been sorry. Great job on your weight loss.

annie said...

I'm not very sentimental... I have my hope chest made of cedar from when I was a girl and it is full of my first stuffed animal when I was a baby and scrapbooks from school... I am quick to throw things like shoes and clothes away without a problem.
I was giving a group of Izzy's clothes to a friend a couple of years ago, not long after her accident. I washed them and was folding them with their little hats and socks and shoes all matching and I couldn't let them go. It took me a couple of months looking at them to let them go, too many memories pre accident of her in them. But, happy to say I passed them on and they got to be happy on another precious baby girl.

org junkie said...

Way to go Marcia!! I also have hope chest that holds my treasures but thats about it. I'm not very sentimental but I do like to keep special things for my kids.


HDMac said...

This is a very good idea. I am a pack rat and maybe this would help! LOL. I am SO sentimental. Great blog. Thank you!

fruitfulwords said...

Helpful idea: Take a picture and write about why it's meaningful. Now that I have a caamera I can do that. Thanks you for sharing this practical idea for getting rid of sentimental clutter.