Thursday, May 31, 2007

Product review: Organizing for Success - Suzanne McLoone

I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Suzanne, who is a professional organiser in Arizona. I first heard Pamela Slim raving about her so I went over to her site and signed up. And of course, through blogging, we've really become friends because I keep tagging her for memes and she's cool enough to keep going along with me.

In every single newsletter she sent out, I learnt something new - an Outlook tip here, an internet tip there - and I don't consider myself exactly ignorant around these parts ;)

So when she announced that she had a new e-book out, I jumped at the chance to get it. You know how I get with books?!

This is what her website says:

In "Organizing for Success", we will help you:

  • Identify Your Organizing Style
  • Put Together an Organizing Plan
  • Help You Manage Your Routine
  • Provide You With Suggestions on Products to Utilize

"Organizing for Success! Get Organized and Stay Organized" is a
step-by-step roadmap to help you on the road to organizational perfection!
It is at YOUR pace, with YOUR style, and YOUR needs in mind. Not only will
you be able to utilize the book to help you successfully identify and
outline your daily routine, you will also be able to implement the steps
into other areas of your life.

And this is the email I sent Suzanne once I'd finished the book.

I finished your book and …… I LOVE IT!

I really liked the section on your organizing style – everything else I’ve ever read has always just said, “are you paper or electronic?” I also liked how you gave examples of how you can be a mix of various styles because that has always puzzled me. I know I like a paper planner but I don’t like stuff out because I get distracted.

Thanks for clearing all that up for me!

And I love how you say that filing is finding a home for your paper. Never thought of it like that and I love it. Same like a place for everything – there must be a place for each piece of paper.

So do yourself a favour and go over there to get the book. Or at the very least, sign up to the newsletter. She also has some fun webinar workshops coming up in June so you can see if she still has a place for you.

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