Friday, May 11, 2007

Chocolate snob

I'm a chocolate snob. I only eat Cadbury's chocolate. After all, "it's the best loved chocolate in the country" - it really is.
So why is it that people keep giving us these Ferrero Rocher??? We get lots of these packets as well as the big boxes.
It's like the cat thing. You know how it is when you don't like cats? They seek you out to curl themselves around your legs - ughh. Just typing that gives me chills.
Anyway, whenever we get chocolate gifts, people give us these. I understand that they're very expensive chocolates (at least they are here in SA) but neither of us likes them at all.
So we give them away and when we have people over, we set them out for them to enjoy. And they do.
But no matter how fast we give them away, they just keep coming back to us. It's like the law of sowing and reaping gone wild.
(you can see I'm still burning to disc, can't you?)


Suzanne said...

I, too, am a chocolate snob and my favorite is Galaxy Ripple from Scotland. Much to my dismay, you can't get it in the states. =( BUT my darling, Popsie, likes to keep me stocked full and if you haven't tried it yet you must! The most common comment when I feel like sharing is, "Orgasmic!" =)

CoachJ said...

My fave chocolate was Dove dark chocolate until I tried the Harry and David's dark chocolate truffles. (Un)fortunately, I can't just go by and grab me some H&D's chocolate, so Dove will have to do for everyday.
Ok, if you don't want to sow those anymore...throw them away!!!

Corrie Haffly said...

Hilarious. This is my hubby's favorite chocolate. :-)