Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Declutter Challenge 14 Nov - take a picture to honour your memories

Please encourage all your blog friends to join us in decluttering and choosing to live a simpler life by using the button on your sidebar. Christmas is just around the corner and you need to start taking action so that you don't just fill up all the spaces you've already decluttered.

The Declutter Tip for the week

If you're sentimental and you find it really, really hard to declutter, take a picture to honour your memories.

Here's some posts where I wrote about this some more:

Do you have some sentimental items to declutter? Get your camera out, honour the memories but still declutter.


This week I finally decluttered this salt cellar *sob*

My husband received this salt and pepper set from a client YEARS ago (probably 10 years ago) and it's so unusual that we always get lots of oohs and ahs from dinner guests. Aside from the fact that I just love using it because it's so pretty.

I LOVE this salt cellar (isn't it gorgeous?!) but the top's broken and it's come off a couple of times, without too much drama.

This week, the top came off and there was salt ALL over my kitchen. I hate mess (can you guess?) so that was the final straw.

Funny thing is I still had that feeling like maybe somehow it could be fixed. Then I realised I should take a picture, blog it and I'd never have to forget about it.

So here it is :)


What did you declutter this week?

Please link to the post on your blog where you show off your pictures or talk about the declutter. Or if you don't have a blog, tell me in the comments about ANYTHING you got rid of this week.

It can be anything - physical, electronic, mental clutter or even the need to be a certain way. Like perfectionism! :)

What are you going to declutter next week?


Lindsay Spencer said...

What a great idea!!!!

Marcia Francois said...

Well, thank you Lindsay :)

DeeAnn said...

Your salt celler was very pretty. I'm sorry it bit the dust.

What did I declutter this week?

I got rid of more Christmas items. I only have my tree, ornaments & a seven figurines that are precious to me. I love my home for Christmas. It's comforting now.

Got rid of some old paperwork that isn't prevalent for my needs any more.

It still fits under decluttering. I am a crafter. I do a lot of art journaling & mixed media.

I needed pattern paper for my holiday crafts. Wrote down paper on my shopping list. Took it off my shopping list. I will buy it when I definitely need it.

I'm one of those crater's that likes having all my supplies around. This is notorious clutter.

I needed a new scrap box for all my journaling papers. I reorganized my papers & was able to fit them in one box.

I need a box for all the little bits & bobs I save when crafting. All my treasures like Russian Ribbons & Vintage Keys. Wrote box on my shopping list & remembered a perfect box in my other crafting closet.

Two boxes will not have to move in with me. Saved some more room. :)

forgetfulone said...

I linked up! Not much, but a little progress is better than none. That was a pretty salt cellar! I find it hard to throw away or donate sentimental items.

Rona's Home Page said...

Even though we run a self storage facility I truly believe that the residential customer should use it for short term only.
Especially, these challenging times. I don't get people trying to carry these large rents and late fees. Once you're caught up move out or downsize.

Kirby3131 said...

I gave away my wedding dress and veil. I did this a few years ago. I hated having it in the closet, I had never gotten it dry cleaned, so it was just in the big vinyl bag taking up a lot of space. I was reading Freecycle in my area (it's an online group where you can list things that you have to give or want to receive - all for free. You can't ask for money for the item and if you want the item you cannot pay for it - Freecycle!) So anyway, this gal wanted a two wedding dresses so she could make one in her size. I met up with her and gave her mine. Turns out that she fit into mine and didn't need a second one and she loved the gown.

I took about 10 pictures of that dress before I sent it off. I have never once regretted giving the dress away. You can read about it and see it here - My Wedding Dress Story.

Dixie's Whimsey said...

I've been inspired this week, by you Marcia, to begin the decluttering of my home office. I did post proof positive at "French Lique" that I am a not a complete disorganized woman.. pics of my work desk at my office - along with a story about why it is so. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jackie B. said...

I did a little better this week and it feels good. I have started decluttering my bathroom. I went thru all my two makeup baskets and I also decluttered three drawers and the countertops. I filled up the wastebasket which was satisfying. I also tackled my pantry in the kitchen. I was pround of my accomplishment this week!

Marcia Francois said...

Well done on all your decluttering - I know it's difficult to let go of the crafting supplies so I commend you for that!

You’re so right – a little progress is definitely better than nothing!

Dixie's Whimsy
Your work desk is beautifully organised - thanks so much for sharing your pics with us :)

Well done! I'm ALSO proud of you.

That is a beautiful story!!! beautiful!

Thanks for popping in :)