Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3 things!

Remember my partner from the August Declutter Challenge?

Well, Beth's got a declutter calendar for next year ready and it's waiting for you. Yes, YOU. And isn't that button pretty? Makes me feel all peaceful :)

This is the year you get your

house under control with My Simpler Life's

2009 Declutter Calendar. One small area to

declutter each day of the year. Find it here:

Declutter Calendar

Don't forget to show me your desk tomorrow. I can't WAIT to see the different desks and have already blocked out some time to do some lovely blog visiting.

And of course, this happens every Friday and I'd love to have you participate :)


Anne Alagna said...

UGH! I forgot to take pictures at work again today! I will leave myself a huge note for tomorrow!

I love your blog! I have a little something for you at my blog.



Kirby3131 said...

Oh goodness, I still can't find my desk. Ok Ok, this is just what I need. Do you want before shots? or just after shots? Let's see how brave I am.