Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Clever jewellery organiser and gift idea

Look at this clever idea for organising jewellery. A friend of mine received this as a gift and I, of course, immediately took some pics with my phone.

Those little pockets on the inside could be used for rings or earrings (studs) and bigger items could be placed right in the middle.

And then when you pull the cords shut, it looks like this: Beautiful and functional - what more could you want?!

If only I were crafty I'd make myself one of these for when I travel. I currently use a plastic container with cotton wool to cushion my jewellery. Maybe some of you crafty people can make some of these for gifts?

Don't you love it? How do you store your jewellery?

P.S. This is how I store my watches and this is how I store my necklaces and bracelets (look at the picture).

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Me said...

I keep my earrings in an icecube tray, so that the pairs stay together.