Monday, November 24, 2008

Favourite organising tools #13 - the best 89p I ever spent

I haven’t done one of these favourite organising tools posts for a looong time.

And every time I use this particular tool (every single day of my life) I think, “I really should post this” so I finally got my act together.

You all know how much I love plastic envelopes. Here in South Africa, I’ve only ever seen the bigger ones (A4 – for my overseas readers, that’s the size of printer paper) so imagine my delight when I found A5 ones (half the size of A4) on our visit to the UK in May.

If you’re interested, I got this one at Tesco’s for the grand sum of 89p ;) My cost per use is already less than a penny!

Why I love it

  • The PERFECT size for carrying in your handbag or in your hand
  • Nothing falls out
  • I can see the contents because it’s transparent
  • Pretty pink colour always helps
I always have stuff with me to read, to work on (business planning), blog notes, etc and I keep all that stuff in here because I like things contained.

Do you use these plastic folders? What do you use them for?

P.S. This one is called Snopake Polyfile A5


*mindi* said...

I do! I got them on clearance for 10 cents each, and I keep coupons in them. :)

Dixie's Whimsey said...

First the spiral notebook on my desk and now the plastic folders! I may be more organized that I thought! I have a plastic folder that's like a little expandable folder, with 5 divided pockets but it's only slightly larger than a checkbook style wallet. I've got the pockets labeled: cash for grocery, cash to blow, business receipts, coupons, shopping lists. It's a great little organizer, and I can always see if I've got cash and coupons without opening! I got it for $1 US at Target a couple of years ago. (bought one for each daughter too!)

Kim said...

Clear/solid, I don't care. I love the half size plastic holders. I've used them for my bills for years. I've recently started using one to hold my petty cash & receipts in my purse. No more lost reciepts. No more change rattling around at the bottom of my purse. Ain't life grand?

Trish said...

I love these plastic folders, too! Right now I have one for each of my family members and am using them to keep important papers in (photos, selected school work, saved art work).

Megan@Disorder2Order said...

Clear and Contained... two words that I love when describing an organizing tool!

Great post!

Adrian said...

Yes, I use them all the time. I teach stamping classes, so when I am going out to do a workshop, I pre-cut all the cardstock and put each project in it's own envelope. Then I put all the stamps, ink pads, and other accessories in a grocery sack and slip in the envelope. It keeps each project separate and organized and keeps my cardstock from getting bent.