Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Text or phone?

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Do you prefer to text or phone?


Read this and weigh in here.


annie said...

How are you???

I normally prefer texting, but last week dropped my phone in my drink and several letters don't work so on the 20th I will be eligible for an upgrade! I have missed it.

HDMac said...

I like texting sometimes, but talking on the phone is more personal....

Thanks for your comments, Marcia. I truly, TRULY am blessed and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for those beautiful blessings! :)

Jessica said...

Usually phone, mostly because I get charged a quarter for every text I send *or* receive, whereas voice calls come out of my monthly allowance of minutes.

Karen said...


Hey it's Karen from Lil Momma's Haven. My story is my first post on my blog titled "my journey to motherhood". Let me know you got this by leaving a comment. I love telling my story! BTW, I prefer texting because #1 I feel I'm a better writer than speaker. #2 With 4 kids at home with me all day, it's easier to type than talk over their daily noise! lol

hope to ttyl, Karen

Dixie's Whimsey said...

I'd much rather talk than text. Probably has something to do with my age... My youngest daughter, 21-years, sends me texts and I call her back... she tells me I'm missing the point... but alas, the point is... I'd rather talk.

Roxanne said...

I'd much rather TEXT than talk. Its more convenient to me because it does not interrupt what you are doing for very long. You can reply when you have time and don't get "stuck" on the phone for a long time!