Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Office Organising Makeover - final roundup of posts

If you've been reading since January, you'll know the whole story behind Anne's office organising makeover.

I want to publicly say that (I've already told her so privately) I honestly think God set this thing up because I could not have asked for a better guest blogger.

Anne has been so open and honest with her struggles and triumphs, but more than that, she's been really open-minded in letting me challenge some of the old ways she had of doing things through my 7 easy steps to organise your office system.


So, here's a final round-up of all Anne's posts.

I'm also putting them over there ---->>> on the sidebar if ever you want to reference a particular post again.

  1. Before pics & problem areas
  2. Sorting out the zones
  3. Decluttering
  4. Paper clutter
  5. Electronic clutter
  6. Overcoming organising obstacles
  7. Setting up systems


Anne Alagna said...

Whoo hoo! Can you believe I made it through the whole thing?!?!! And ya know what???? I can still see the top of my desk... and even my HUSBAND is using the filing system!!!! This was the best (office) experience ever!

Marcia Francois said...

I CAN believe it, Anne. I had faith in you all along and I’m so, so proud of you for finishing and for keeping it up!