Thursday, March 05, 2009

Do you do monthly reviews?

Part of my goal-setting process involves a monthly review.

I like to look back at the goals I'd set, see how I did, and more importantly, see what I need to change to make the new month an even better month.

Do you do monthly reviews?

Anyway, I had noticed that nobody's been participating (okay, I'm stretching it a bit - one or two people have) in the weekly declutter challenge, at least not by linking up so I'd know.

But then Shirley commented and said something like, "where's everybody? It's been 200 days since the August Declutter Challenge".

My word, she's right! It has been more than half a year. I didn't realise so much time had passed but that comment kicked my butt (thanks again!) and I started thinking that I need to do something differently.

So what I've decided to do, at least for this month, is to drop the Mr Linky and simply just post on the four areas.

No pressure - do the challenges, don't do the challenges, whatever.

Seriously, no pressure. (If I were coaching you however, I would kick your butt because you'd be paying me for results :))

  • If you participate, please comment.
  • If you have an additional tip, please comment.
  • If you disagree with my method, please comment.

You get the picture :)

So here's the schedule of challenges for March - which are also on the sidebar over there if you forget to write them down like I do ---->>

6 - photos

13 - blogs and bookmarked links

20 - email

27 - documents & computer folders

Are you in?

Don't forget to come back tomorrow - we're going to talk about decluttering and organising photos.


Military Momz said...

Photos - I really need organization here!!!

Check out the giveaway going on at

Maby said...

I'll def stop by tomorrow...I need to organize my pictures!

Raewyn aka whinney said...

WOW I have tried to comment in the past but could never see the word COMMENT like I have seen on other blogs, so today I decided to just click on your links and voila found the one I was after! LOL

Photos - I have over 58000 stored on my computer and they need to be categorized more than decluttered. And blogs - in the last few days I have gone from 287 blog feeds that I stalk to 195 (and still deleting), ahhhh feels so good already!

thank you for the challenges, keep em comin'
Raewyn (New Zealand)

Anne Alagna said...

Count me in on photos! While I have 3000 printed photos organized and tons of digi photos organized, I also have quite a few that are still in the packages. Negatives are a mess too.

Laura said...

Hello from Mozambique!
I will be checking on the photo de-cluttering info tomorrow!

Two thoughts on this post:
1. I don't understand Mr. Linky and haven't bothered to try and figure it out; and,
2. I read your blog thru my Google Reader which doesn't allow for direct comments, I have to open your page to comment. Perhaps lots of people are doing that. I often would comment on the blogs I read if there was a link on Reader.
Just some thoughts on why you have more people using your suggestions than are telling you!
Bless you, Laura

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

I have had your blog in my Google reader for some time and enjoy reading your posts. I keep putting off getting things organized though bad me. LOL

I think I'm good on pictures but I look forward to seeing next week's blogs and bookmarked links OH MY is mine out there. So bad ha ha

I didn't know you had a Mr. Linky (I usually just read through Google reader too) but now I know to click through to your blog each week.

Sandie said...

It's Saturday, and I was finally able to go through the Friday Challenge. I'm all in! My photos are relatively organized and shouldn't take more than an hour or two but I have a LOT of scanned artwork from the kids that needs some TLC and this is the perfect challenge for that. As always, you know what we need when we need it!

Marcia Francois said...

Raewyn, that's my fault - trying to be too cute by calling it "___ hooked on decluttering"

Glad you found it today :)

chaotic kitten said...

I'm in! My photos are begging to be put in an album :)