Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Declutter Challenge - blogs & bookmarks

Today we're decluttering blogs and bookmarks.

Before I discovered my beloved Google Reader, I used to find a blog I liked and once on the page, press Ctrl + D to bookmark it.

I then had to click on each link every day to see who'd updated - a HUGE schlep!

Until I discovered Google Reader...

can you hear the harps and violins?

Because it's so easy to add blogs, it can get out of hand very quickly and you could find yourself spending HOURS each day reading other people's blogs instead of living your own life.

Now for the tough questions:

  1. How many blogs are you following in your Google Reader, Bloglines or other feed reader?
  2. Do you know how long you take to read all of those blogs every day?

Take some time to go through and declutter those you tend to skim over, especially if you do this ALL the time.

Get to know your comfort number. Mine is around 42 – 45 and I know when I start adding more and more blogs without deleting any, I start feeling more and more overwhelmed at the sight of all those unread items!

Here are some posts I wrote about this before:

This week, your challenge is to

  1. find out your comfort number and
  2. declutter your feed reader or bookmarked blogs until you get back to that number.

Share in the comments how many you decluttered!


Here are the schedule of challenges for the rest of March

20 - email

27 - documents & computer folders

Are you joining in with this week's challenge?


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Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

I have been working on going through my Google reader this week and so far have rid myself of only 4 blogs. I currently have 243 blogs in there YIKES! I don't read them all every day of course but I do skim through the ones that have posts.

I have been removing blogs that haven't updated in 2009 and I'm sure I have a few more that I'll find.

I really need to get moving on my bookmarks. Way too many!

Marcia Francois said...

I joined in this week!

I had 48 blogs and I decluttered them back down to 45 (my comfort number)

Marcia Francois said...
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Sandie said...

I was able to delete 6 blogs from my Reader, so I'm down to 40. Bookmarks are another story! I have 100s and this challenge is going to take a while, but I'll chip away at it a little chunk at a time. I do believe a handful of those bookmarks are the very same blogs in my reader - how sad it that?!

Sandie said...

Whew - I deleted about 50 bookmarks before my eyes starting watering! Surprisingly, it only took about 30 minutes, which included time to look at some of the pages to see what they were!

Marcia Francois said...
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Marcia Francois said...

WOOOHOOO, Sandie, you did GREAT! Aren't you glad you did it? And look how quickly it went when you set your mind to it and just got on with it!

Diane said...

Hi Marcia
I love to use sage if you have firefox because there is a key you press and it tells you who has a new post to their blog and highlights it. So much easier than checking the many many many blogs I have. I find I am always editing blogs everyday. I go to them and then look back and say yes not sure why I saved this one. But on the other hand then I check some new ones and say hey I want that one too. I just find sage to be a total lifesaver for me.

Kirby3131 said...

I have my blogs in categories - My favorites are at the top and I read those everyday - or each time they are updated.

Then I have decorating and home blogs, art blogs, other and finally uncategorized. My uncategorized section is for the blogs that I have just found, that I think might be fun to read once in awhile - or blogs that I'm mad at. They went off on some tangent that I wasn't pleased with - I don't want to get rid of them entirely, but I don't want to read them for awhile.

So for the most part, I just read the 25 favorites and then when I have time I go through the other categories. I find that I delete at will in the other and uncategorized sections - if I read the 10 posts that were new since I least visited and they didn't interst me, I just unsubscribe. I'm ruthless LOL

Oooh, I just looked - I only have 160 blogs on my reader -- I have been deleting - I had 300 at one point.

Janet Barclay said...

I have ditched Bloglines and now subscribe to only 5 blogs via RSS through Outlook 2007, mainly people I know personally. I found I didn't have time to read most of the 100+ I was subscribed to anyway. Now I just use Twitter to find interesting blog posts to read - more variety too!

My bookmarks are in categories, but could stand to be streamlined. However, when I went to work on this yesterday, I remembered what a pain it is working with Firefox bookmarks. I need a better tool! Any suggestions?

Laura said...

I started out with 198 blogs in google reader and managed to get it down by 42 to 156!!!! So excited about that :)

Janet I now use Foxmarks to manage my bookmarks and love it. The best part is I never have to worry about losing my bookmarks again...whew.

Marcia Francois said...

Diane, I've tried many things but I will never stray away from my beloved Google Reader LOL

Kirby, thanks for the laugh. I love your "mad" category and that you're ruthless! Well done on cutting down on nearly half of them.

Janet, I must say, I also find some interesting blogs via Twitter...when I'm actually in the mood to go on there!

I have very few bookmarks - really only "static" websites like my banking and business ones and mine are therefore categorised very easilly.

WOOOHOOO – well done, Laura, and thanks for sharing your tip with Janet!

That is excellent (I still remember those 300 blogs you used to read ;))

Me said...

I didn't even look at list of blogs (213)that I read. I tend to delete them as I realize that I'm not so interested in them. Fortunately most of them don't blog every day so it doesn't take too long to look at what they've written about. I did delete 45 bookmarks but I still have a lot of work to do.

dragondreams said...

I didn't about the google reader til I read it here!!

Oooooo boy-have I had fun in the last few days using the reader. I'll probably amass a few more blogs this way but atleast I'll be able to read them all in one place :)

Thank you-what a great new toy!

Anonymous said...

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