Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I blog-surfed a little today and noticed a couple of people say they were in a bit of a funk.

I've also been a bit lazy *yawn* but I know exactly what's brought mine on.


I love cold weather - winter's my absolute favourite season - and am totally energised by the cold. I love dressing up warm, drinking endless cups of tea, my electric blanket, warm bed, reading, hot chocolate, creamy plates of pasta, etc, etc. I can go on and on and on.

On the business side, I also tend to have TONS of new ideas for JV's, ebooks, products, etc. It's like my creative side awakens!

When it starts warming up, though, I have to really gear myself up to do anything because the heat saps my energy.

And this year it's been particularly bad.

Last week we had temperatures going from about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius which is okay for spring.

This week it's gone right up into the 30's. Which is really typical Jhb weather - extreme and annoying!!!

Hopefully I'll get acclimated soon because I can't just lie around in flip-flops drinking endless glasses of water with lemon. Well, technically I can ;)

So tell me, which is your favourite season and why?

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Nicol said...

I LOVE autumn which we are entering now. I love how crisp the air feels, and the decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Amanda said...

my favourite season is fall (just starting) because I can be comfy in pants and sweaters. Love all the fall activites. love going to pumpkin watches. love the leaves changing colours watching my boys jump into the leaves.. did i tell you i love fall? lol my second favourite would be spring, still cool weather and pretty flowers.

Anonymous said...

Add me to one of the people in a funk!
I love summer!! I am so sad to see it go, I'm hoping once I get going again I'll come back to life.

HDMac said...

I have to say that autumn is my most favorite season also. I don't like the heat.... Fall brings a cool crispness to the air! I love that.. and the colors, the beautiful warm, colors of fall! :) When I think of fall, I think of Nebraska. Beautiful sunny days with crispness. Can't be matched. Here I go to the mountains to see the fall colors.. Washington IS the green state, you know! It was/is fun to gather the colorful leaves and iron them between two pieces of wax paper to preserve them. I think I love decorating my house for fall more than for Christmas! Fall energizes me. Maybe that is why I am able to get some of my decluttering and procrastination projects done! :) Good post, Marcia!!!!!

the other Marcia

Jennifer Lavender said...

The heat saps my energy too, and summer is always my least productive season of the year.

Here we are just getting into autumn. I get to pull out my sweaters and long sleeve shirts, stock up on hot chocolate and tea, and fix yummy stews for dinner. The weather is just right for an evening walk outside, and even during the day it's not too hot to go out and play for a while. Everything is still green and pretty looking. And, any day now we will start seeing the leaves change color on the trees.

Yup, this is definitely my favorite time of year.