Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu plan for the week - a short one

This week we have a public holiday on Wednesday (it's Heritage Day in South Africa) which means no work, no cooking and lots of eating out :)

We love our public holidays here!

We love the apricot chicken dish so much that I decided to get creative and make a pineapple chicken dish. Thank goodness it turned out very well.

So, for this week's menu, here's the plan...

Pineapple chicken, rice and veggies

Baked potatoes with bolognaise sauce

Eating out or something easy like my delicious pasta salad (don't get hung up on ingredients - just make sure you have something protein (kidney beans/ lentils/ chickpeas) and some veggies like onion, cucumber, carrots, apple - anything that lends itself to a salad :))

Stirfried chicken in a satay sauce with noodles

Debonairs pizza and salad

Visit Laura for many more tried and tested menus. And don't forget to visit on Friday to show off what you decide to declutter this week.

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Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

That's so funny that you should visit because I have just finished decluttering my home study. The stuff I found was frightening - appliance manuals from 12 years ago, and said appliance has long gone. I'm a bit of a 'what if' hoarder!