Friday, September 19, 2008

The Friday Declutter Challenge - 19 Sept 08

The Declutter Tip for this week is...

Once you declutter a space, make it look beautiful (this differs per person because all our tastes are different) so you'll be less tempted to mess it up again.

E.g. The living areas of our house are all open plan and we walk through the dining room to get to the kitchen so the diningroom table could have been a convenient place to dump "stuff".

Once the table arrived I went to buy a beautiful table runner and some fake flowers (I don't have a green thumb and I have the amazing talent of killing all plants). The table looks GORGEOUS and we are less inclined to dump anything on there. Or, at least not for more than 5 minutes. Yes, really :)

Read Sara's post about keeping your space uncluttered - great tips

Now these takkies (that's what we call them) travelled with me all over the world - Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and Ireland. If my suitcase had been over the baggage allowance, I was quite prepared to throw them out right there at the airport. Fortunately, my travelling light decluttering plan worked and there was no need for any drastic measures.

But now, winter's over, the toes are scuffed from all that walking in London and they need to go!

What have you decluttered this week?


forgetfulone said...

I had a fairly productive week. I'm all linked up!

HDMac said...

I am a little late posting! I have decluttered but a little less this week. Kind of a stressful week. Part of my organizing this week has been getting my resume in order. We are slow at work and my hours have been cut back so with my husband out on strike it has been a bit stressful around here. But my decluttering,,my menu planning and to do lists are helping things! lol....

Anonymous said...

I worked on shredding this week! I like that you have this weekly because it keeps me decluttering and gives me a time line for the week because I know I need to post on Fridays!

Me said...

We've made it past 50 days! Thanks for enabling us. (I hope that's the right word.)