Friday, September 12, 2008

The Friday Declutter Challenge - 12 Sept 08

I have the best blog readers in the world! Last week when I asked about the button, Seesawstar emailed me immediately and offered to do a button for me this week, which I accepted. I like how she insisted on a "tight" brief which forced me to be decisive :)

Then the next day I had another email in my box - Amanda just "whipped up" a gorgeous button, just like that. You'll see Amanda's button if you look at last week's post.

Thanks to both of you - I am so very grateful!

So, please go ahead and use this button on your blogs - resize if you want :)

This week, I decluttered this pink shirt, some socks and underwear. And no, you are NOT going to see a pic. This colour looks great on me but unfortunately, I've put on some weight and it's a bit tight across the chest area *ahem*

The Declutter Tip for this week is...

We're all going into a different season (autumn or spring). Start going through your clothes - especially those from the season you've just had.

Fit on each and every item and evaluate to see whether the clothes:

  • still fit you
  • are still in style (!)
  • need mending
  • look good (or even better, great) on you

I've started doing this and I'm going to have to get rid of a LOT more stuff because just looking through my wardrobe, I can see there are clothes I haven't even worn this winter. Which means I have too much.

What have you decluttered this week?

P.S. Don't forget to let me know what your biggest office organising challenge is.


HDMac said...

I SO need to go thru my closet! It's on my list!!! lol

Anonymous said...

My biggest office organizing challenge is keeping up with shredding. Both at work AND at home!

Ria's Collectables said...

This week I am working on e-clutter! Specifically, I am working on organizing my document files.
My biggest challenge has been finding enough uninterupted time, and to also implement one of Marca's e-cources suggestions which is, "What is my style of organizing", I am trying to figurethat out.
This has been a very rewarding challenge.

Anita said...

I so need to get my closet organized - there are still outfits in their that I wore prior to being pregnant and whiel I was still working in an office - things that are really not suitable to the new job of master mommy and yoga teacher............
a bunch og my girl friends and I get together each season and do a clothing swap - and any left over clothes wind up going to a great cause. Generally everbody gets at least one new outfit as well!