Monday, September 01, 2008

And the GRAND prizes go to...

The August Declutter Challenge has been just FABULOUS!

If you take just 15 minutes and surf a couple of the declutter challengers' blogs, you'll see what a difference this has made in their lives. And I'm honoured to have been part of that - really I am!

One challenger could NOT declutter magazines when we first started but soon learnt that baby steps made it oh-so-easy and by week 3 was a magazine decluttering PRO!

If I had to highlight all the posts that have really impacted me this month, this post would be a mile long.

So, without any further ado, the winner of the Organise your Home ecourse is Patricia from Gifts that say WOW, and the winner of the $25 Stacks and Stacks gift voucher is Marcia from HD Mac's Crafty Blog.

Amazingly enough, when I clicked over to their blogs to get the permalinks and so forth, I noticed that they both wrote BEE-YOO-TI-FUL posts on what they learnt. That's not why they won ( picked 10 and 2) but now that I've read their posts, I am glad they won, because they both get "it"!

Read Patricia's post here and Marcia's post here. Those posts (and the comments) are WELL worth your while. I also want to publicly thank Marcia for being such a great ENCOURAGER for all the other ladies. I'd often click over to the blogs and see her lovely comments for the others.

Well done to both of you, and to all the wonderful women who decluttered step-by-step, along with Beth and me.

Remember you all get a $10 gift certificate if you use the word declutter in my store (yes, even the lurkers!) only valid until Sat 6th September.

We'll be back again on Friday for the weekly challenge! If anyone's clever with buttons, I need a button designed for the weekly one. Please contact me! Thanks :)


Gifts That Say Wow said...

Thank you so much Marcia. It has been a great journey. My teenage son said the nicest thing to me today. He said mom, you are addicted to cleaning. What a wonderful thing to be hooked on.I am soooo excited about my e-book. I know I will learn a lot more about organizing.Thank you for encouragement. I will be forever grateful for your valuable information.

HDMac said...

Thank you so much!!!! I am going to have so much fun shopping!!! :) :) Thanks again, Marcia for this challenge. I am not done yet and really looking forward to the weekly challenges!!!

Patricia! Congratulations!!!! You have done an awesome job and what a great gift!!!! :)