Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do you send Christmas cards? Here's how I get them done.

  • I make a list of everyone I want to send a card to.
  • Gather all the cards from my storage box
  • Address them all - I store the addresses in Outlook
  • Then when the cards are sitting on my desk with all the addresses peeking at me, I'm more motivated to actually write out the messages and get them done.
  • I try and write a few every day so that all the writing doesn't become a burden. I don't believe in just saying "To ________ From _________ " so I try and put a bit of effort into it.
  • I took 10 with me to the hairdresser's last week and while the colour was on my hair, I managed to write out 6.
In South Africa, people aren't really big on giving Christmas cards. Or maybe that's only in my circle???

This year I took about 40 from my stash (I buy them at half price just after Christmas every year) and I think 10 were for people in South Africa; the rest are being sent overseas.

Do you send Christmas cards? What's your strategy for getting them done?

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Lisa said...

I do send out cards, usually just the picture kind you can order off the web. I already have address labels made from the previous years and I update them in November, add a few and delete a few. I don't handwrite anything only because I send out about 90 cards every year and that would take entirely too much time. I'm seriously considering making cards this year. If I start in January, I might get finished by the first of December! I love sending and receiving Christmas cards!

Dawnie said...

Marcia, I also send out cards every year. I've considered giving up this tradition but the truth is I enjoy it too much, and I enjoy receiving cards as well. I keep a running address book in Excel so the first thing I do is print that out and update any information (ex: one of my cousins moved during the year so I got in touch w/her for her new address). I decide who I'm sending to - trying to stick with family & special friends so I know how many I'll need. Since my son was born I've learned to send a picture or the neighbors & friends will cause an uproar! Finally figured out to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by having photo cards made up. In the digital age, this is easy to do once I've got a picture. I've found Walmart has alot of options AND the best prices (sorry, Shutterfly), plus a 1-hour! So simply: I design the card @ home, then upload it to their photo site. My the time I get myself together for a shopping run & head over to the store, they're ready. Getting the cards is easy: staying motivated to address them all, maybe add a little note, sometimes takes an effort, but I'm happy to say this year, I got it done & all of them in the mail BEFORE New Year's! Yay, me!!!

Terry said...

Hi. Yes I send out Christmas Cards too. Many years I make them myself. Since I do scrapbooking I do them with scrapbooking techniques. It puts a special touch on the cards and I feel it's my little gift to those who I don't traditionally send gifts to.