Thursday, December 10, 2009

juggling work and babies...

Today is my first day back at work!

Connor and Kendra, 15 weeks
(couldn't resist this opportunity to show off some baby pics)

It must be hard to juggle your work and your babies?

How do you do it? :-)

Leanne from Joburg

I wrote about balancing work, life and family before...

I thank God every day that I'm organised so I can save lots of time in a myriad of different ways.

I honestly don't know how people do this mothering thing (especially of multiples) if they're not organised :) I would go nuts.

  1. I have lots of systems so that things that have to get done like cooking and cleaning get done with the least amount of fuss.
  2. I also always cook double and when I'm in the mood and have an extra bit of time, I'll cook even more and freeze all the extra meals. At the time of writing I have 10 extra meals in my freezer (that's enough for two weeks) and on my to-do list today is to cook another two meals as I have the nanny here.
  3. I'm fortunate that I have a wonderful boss who's allowed me a more flexible working day now that the babies are here. However that means when I'm at work, I'm totally there. No faffing around; I get to it and get my work done.
  4. I've pared down my business considerably. When I'm at home and working on a newsletter, I set myself a time goal, focus and get it done.
  5. I always assume that a baby will wake before I expect it to so I try and work quickly. At home I clean as I go, or tidy as I go. I don't ever think "I'll come back to this later".
  6. Of course when the babies need my attention, all this goes out the window.
I think in short, I've been forced to use my time effectively. I've learned that now more than ever I can't afford to procrastinate otherwise it might never get done (even simple things like eating breakfast).

Calling all mothers!

Please share your best tips with me for juggling work and babies (any work - inside or outside the home)

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Marci said...

You've hit the nail on the head! Have lots of systems in place. Always assume babies will nap shorter than you expect. Don't expect too much out of yourself. Ask for help when you need it. The babies come first!

Diane said...

Wow Marcia time has really flown by!!!!! Your babies are beautiful!!!
Yes organization is the key to keeping it altogether and I am sure you will have no problem with that.
Take care

Anonymous said...

I went back to work whe my daughter was 14 months. The deal was that my husband would share the work load...particularly dinner. So, we put w small white board on the fridge. I've drawn out columns for 7 days and then have rows for meals (dinner during the week and lunch and dinner on weekends). I also have a row for appointmets and a row for things thst need to be done. Then everything is color coded. Meals I'm responsible for are written in red and meals my husband is handling are written in green. It helps us avoid last minute debates over who is cooking.

Megan@Disorder2Order said...

Be prepared for nothing to happen the way you want it to. Sometimes our expectations of what we "think" our day will look like will never happen.

The best piece of advice I can give working moms is to just be flexible. You will ultimately be more productive and always add more time to getting things done, if anything you will end up doing more because you have more time.

Jenna Catlin said...

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