Monday, December 14, 2009

Storing gift wrap, bows, gift tags and greeting cards

We moved the guest bed into my study to make space for the babies so I had to get rid of a lot of stuff and I tried to think of better solutions to store things I still had to keep.

Like gift wrap, cards, bows, etc.

I still store the long rolls of wrapping paper like this...

but everything else is now consolidated and lives in this one place on the shelf

bottom box
wrapping paper I can re-use, gift bags and coloured raffia

small box on left
ribbons, bows, gift tags and things to make the presents look pretty. I bought a pack of small tree decorations and attach a bauble to some gifts. Very pretty.

medium box on top right
cards, cards and more cards

I don't think I've ever written about my view on greeting cards.

I almost never * buy single greeting cards of any sort. Generally I prefer to write my own message so I buy packs of blank cards - all different sorts so I'm bound to find something for every type of occasion.

My husband is the same - writes beautiful, meaningful messages in cards (I still have every single one he's ever given me!). In fact I've told him a gazillion times he should have his own greeting card range because he'd make a fortune.

Also I think paying upwards of R20 for a card (just over $2) is a huge rip-off. Especially because I always feel (maybe arrogantly?) that people would rather hear my heart in my own words.

My way works out to between R3 and R5 a card, depending on the size of the card.

* Exception is when there's a leaving do at work, or someone's birthday and you need a gigantic card that a whole team of people can sign. Then again people can be so uncreative and all write versions of "happy birthday" or "enjoy your day" not the missives like I do. Why is it I'm usually in charge of these things?!

So back to the box.

I had tons of Christmas cards in there plus all the blank cards, thank you cards and some extra packs of gift tags.

Do you prefer to write your own messages or do you prefer a store-bought card?
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Megan@Disorder2Order said...

I had the opportunity to turn my guest room dresser into a wrapping station. Each drawer contains various items (bows, cards, tape, miscellaneous gifts, tissue etc.). It's been a huge time saver not to mention I don't have to look at all the stuff.

Personally I like to wrap gifts with fancy ribbon and handmade cards... but when I am in a jam it's always nice to be able to throw a quick gift with card together.

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