Friday, December 14, 2007

Organising gift wrap and ribbons

Don't forget the organising crafts contest otherwise Laura is going to be one really happy crafter!

It is a normal wastepaper basket which uses the vertical space beautifully under my bookshelf (in fact, all that space was unused when we moved in here and we got those bookshelves built in)

It is neat and organised and yes, I have a thing for craft paper. I never buy Christmas gift wrap because then I'm stuck with leftovers the whole year. It sits there, torturing me because you know how I like to throw things out.

So I buy coloured craft wrap - it's cheaper and I just add a non-Christmassy coloured ribbon (or raffia) for birthday and other gifts!

I store the bows and ribbons in ziploc bags. Each bag has a separate type of gift-wrapping accessory :)

From top to bottom...
  1. Fancy clothes pegs (for holding gift bags closed and attaching a gift tag)
  2. Closed ribbons (thin)
  3. Open ribbons (thin)
  4. Ribbon (medium)
  5. Gift tags
  6. Material ribbon
  7. Bows

I'm very curious. How do you store your gift-wrap and accessories?


Kay said...

I store my gift wrapping stuff in a suit bag hanging in the wardrobe of a spare room. The rolls of paper go in the suit bag and any gift bags go inside a very large gift bag hanging on the back of the suit bag.

This was a tip from Flylady however the ribbons and tissue paper don't really work in there (they are all just sitting mangled in the bottom of the suit bag).

I am planning on getting an over the door shoe hanger to put the ribbons in. I saw on a blog recently where someone had one of the over the door shoe hangers on the back of all their wardrobe, pantry doors and thought it would be the perfect solution for me.

Kerith Collins said...

I have heard of that garbage can for the wrapping paper. I just have not gone out and gotten the garbage can. daughter ripped my paper to shreds.

Veggiemomof2 said...

I have an under the bed storage box full of Christmas wrapping paper, that stays under my bed 11 months of the year.

I have 1 roll of girl wrapping paper & 1 roll of boy wrapping paper for little kids who still gets the thrill of tearing open paper.

Otherwise, I have a small box in top of my closet w/gift bags. Christmas & little ones get wrapped, everything else is bagged.

Marcia said...

Veggiemom, I also love the gift bags for unusual shapes but I must admit, nothing looks as nice as a nice box/ book that is gift-wrapped the old-fashioned way :)

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