Friday, December 07, 2007

Organising craft supplies & A CONTEST

I received a question from a reader, one which I received many times before when I ran the virtual organising competition.

If you're interested, I have an Excel spreadsheet (you'll love this, Suzanne) with content topics for blogs, articles and my weekly tips newsletter. One column has the topic, the next has date published, the next has blog/ article/ weekly tips.

All the questions from the virtual organising competition went on the spreadsheet and I've been slowly blogging my way through the questions. If a question is suitable for my weekly tips, then I will write about it there and not blog it.

Anyway, I said all that to say.... a couple of people asked about organising craft supplies so when this question was emailed to me, it moved it up the list. I can now mark the email as done and cross something off the blog to-do list :)

Do you have any tips on organizing my craft stuff? I'll go thru your archives to check. I mostly have quilting, scrapping, and stamping collections...............

First, a disclaimer - I'm not a crafter so forgive me if my ideas seem silly ;)

Use bookshelves to organise rolls of material.

I have blogged before about how I organise all my beads so I will start by saying that if you craft with small items like beads, etc, use ice-cube trays to organise them.

Ziploc bags are great for organising medium-sized items and these buddy drawer systems (you might call it something else, depending on where you live) are great for organising scrapbook paper & supplies, quilting squares, stamping stuff, etc.

They are stackable so you can make them as high as you want.

The key is to (1) get the appropriate size (these come much smaller too) - I like this size because this one is for organising my paper and (2) label each drawer.

Plastic drawer system

aerial view - my in-tray usually sits on the top

Calling all crafters
How would you answer her organising question?

  1. Blog your answer with pictures from your crafting area. Please link back here so your readers can see the other solutions too.
  2. Come back here and link up your post.
  3. The contest will stay open for one week until 14 December 2007, 6pm South African time.
  4. The winner gets a R100 gift voucher to my store (divide by 7 to get US$). Every other participant gets a 20% off gift voucher.


Esther said...

Thanks so very much! That was my question that I emailed to you about how to organize my crafts ;o)

Thanks so very much for calling all crafters out there to help with advice and suggestions.

My blog has gone private if you would like an invite. Email me at if you would like an invite
(the account I emailed you from yesterday is not used for my blog).

Hugs, Esther

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

There's an organizing tip in and at the end of this post:

Count me in please!

blogged ya:

Suzanne said...

Excel spreadsheet!?! Oooh, must see! (It's quite sad that the first thing my eye roamed to was Excel spreadsheet. I need a LIFE!) :)

MeganS said...

Bummer... I hate it when I don't get the chance to read my blogger every week. So, I AM a crafter and I AM a scrapbooker so I think I might have something to contribute. I am not looking to win... just loving to share!

CONTAINERIZE! That is my biggest piece of advice. If you have small embellishments things like tackle boxes are fun but they make special containers just for small things.

The same goes for flat embellishments (a good website is cropper hopper).

I could go on for days..... Hope that helps some!

Marcia said...

Megan, I’d still love to read your post, so why don’t you post it anyway and when you tell me, I’ll link to it?

Esther would love to read it and so would many others!

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