Friday, December 07, 2007

Menu plan Monday, 2 contests and virtual organising day

1. Did you see the contest on my blog?
I'm calling anyone who crafts to come help me with solutions.

2. Suzanne is also holding an Organizational Brilliance contest on her blog and ONE commenter will win a bag of organising goodies from your three favourite organisers - Suzanne (the computer & email whiz), Ariane (the ADD and ADHD specialist) and me (office and paper queen)!


I can't believe it - another week gone! But the good news is this week I go on holiday so we're only cooking for 2 days :)

This is going to look very fact, I totally forgive you if you think you have deja vu...but I have to empty the fridge and freezer. I hate wasting money and I don't want the food to go off...

Stir-fried chicken, veggies and rice

Baked potatoes with lentil sauce (we didn't have it last week - decided to have takeaways)

Flying to Port Elizabeth. Still have to pack (and it's 9 days) but at least everything is planned and you all know that saves you time, right?!

3 hours planning = 1 hour action

BTW, I now coach on how to become a professional organiser. We can work virtually or in-person - whatever floats your boat ;) Contact me if you're keen.


Do you know Elizabeth Hagen?

Elizabeth is also a professional organiser but she's based in South Dakota!

She also does a lot of public speaking so I joined her VIP circle earlier this year to learn more from her and I'm loving it!!!

Now, what are you doing on Jan 18th?

Read more about Elizabeth's virtual organising day and sign up especially if one of your goals is to get organised next year :) You get bonuses if you sign up on or before 10 Dec!


Sharon said...

I am always intrigued by your lentil sauce, yet still have yet to try it! One of these days...SOON. lol

Have a wonderful trip! Prayers for safe travels!

Marcia said...

Sharon, you must try the lentil sauce - it is easy to make and so versatile to use. On baked potatoes, pasta, etc. Yum!!

Anne said...

I googled Port Elizabeth real quick and it looks beautiful! Ah, the ocean... we lived by it for a while before this assignment and loved it. Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Mommychicky said...

I'd love the lentil sauce, but Hubby doesn't do beans :( Have a great trip!

Sandra said...

Marcia, you lucky girl, you're going to Port Elizabeth :) I LOVE PE and I miss it dearly, I remember last time I was there, I decided to climb all the way up to the Lighthouse and then after I got back down I couldn't walk right for about 2 days LOL

Have fun, hope you share some photos :)

Mine is up too :)