Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tackling computer clutter

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I've told you before about my to-do lists and since I've been doing really well, getting through my frogs easily every day, I have quite a lot of time on my hands.

So I made a list of things I don't really need to do but would like to and that's what I tackled today.

1. I decluttered about 20 of the web links in my favourites and organised those that were left into 3 categories - time management (that's the main subject I coach on), blogging and other business resources.

2. I went through my 34 sub-folders in my inbox and decluttered those down to 15. Sometimes we get stuck into one way of doing things. When things change, we need to change our way of doing things.

For instance, when they first contacted me about writing for Clutter Control Freak ---->> I kept all those emails agreeing to this and that, the how-tos and so on. Now that I know what I'm doing, I don't need that folder. See?

here is my after

What do you need to get rid of that you're holding onto?

3. I went through 234 emails in my Sent Items and decluttered those right down to....... not 150....... not 50..... but 13!

If you're wondering, I have 3 emails in my inbox (it is usually empty-ish like that so I don't have to declutter that very often)

I'd love to know how many emails, favourites and subfolders you have. Go on - share in the comments.


forgetfulone said...

That is a great tackle! I need to do that.

Tiffany said...

I have two email accounts. One on yahoo that I have had for several years, and one on gmail. I started on gmail because I kept getting so much spam on my yahoo account. Now, I use the yahoo for any type of business that I give my email out to and I use gmail for friends and things I actually want to read each day.
So, in my gmail account, I have 100 messages in my inbox and 2 of them are unread. On my Yahoo account, I have 9 folders and 65 in my inbox.
Yes, I need to get tackling!

Jean said...

Well done.


~Tyra~ said...

I have some cleaning out to do in my work email as well as my files in Word.

ClutterControlFreak said...

27 folders and 7 sub-folders in my inbox. Yeouch! Definitely need to go through those. But I think I do deserve credit for finally releasing my white-knuckle grip on my deleted folder here at work I never know when I'm going to have to go back and retrieve something). With 14,000+ emails, though, I think I was about to crash our server!

:) Eva

Beckaboo said...

Wow! That is great!! I need to do that, but have just been hoping to get a new computer...maybe to avoid the whole "cleaning". Sigh... Alas, I think I need to just start cleaning. I have a bajillion, at least, emails to be gone through...and countless files that aren't necessary. I am tired just thinking about it!!

Blessings, Beckie

Esther said...

I seriously need to declutter my favorites section of the computer ;o(
Maybe I'll do that after I organize my crafts ;o)

Hugs, Esther

Suzanne said...

Disclaimer: Suzanne has a FOUL mouth. Oh my F*&(%ing Saltine Cracker! PLEASE tell me you at archive at least once per month! And Eva, I think I am having heart failures thinking of your 14,000 emails. The alarm bells should be sounding, the servers are going to be crashing and email life will cease to exist if you do not move your emails to archive or to a personal folder. Please, please, please, for the love of Pete, archive.

Ok, there was my moment of motherly speeching. I have 11 subfolders and I archive once a month. The actual folder file size is what is important and will tell you how close you are to crashing your Outlook. Hell with it, Marcia, I'm blogging about this tonight, I am way to stressed not to. (I need to get a life!)