Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Organising children's toys

You can teach your children to be organised. The earlier you start, the earlier you can delegate :)

While they're organising, they're learning valuable life skills. They can learn to sort, to return toys to their homes, to make decisions while decluttering.

What to use
ice-cream tubs
clear shoe bags
wastepaper baskets - for tall, thin items like swords, cricket and baseball bats, etc.
ziploc bags -for puzzle pieces, legos, etc

Make things easy. If you use a basket without a lid, it is easier to put things away.
Label clearly with pictures.
For smaller children, use the bottom bookshelves and free-standing storage bins on the floor.

Declutter regularly. Now is the perfect time right after Christmas to go through those rooms and get rid of the old stuff :)

How do you stay organised with your children's toys?


Real World Martha said...

I loved your ideas. I added you to my blog roll as I think these are great and pratical ideas.
Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

annie said...

I have high shelves in the kids rooms for toys they don't play with but keep... in izzy's room there is a shelf the length of a wall with all her stuffed animals brought to her at the hospital when her accident occurred...there are so many! I always sort through unused toys before Christmas and birthdays to make room for the new ones. We generally take them to the goodwill that is local. Other than that we use a lot of lined baskets to keep toys sorted.

So, how are you???