Monday, January 26, 2009

Today I'm reviewing something just for the ladies

See this red handbag?

Isn't it gorgeous?

I only have one problem with it - it only has one GINORMOUS cavity and a cell phone pouch so I usually have to use 3 mesh bags to keep my things all organised.

In fact, this is the problem whenever you're like me and you LOVE handbags and then you have to change them around all the time to match your clothes or your mood ................ :)

So when Sandy sent me a pouchee, I couldn't wait to put it to the test. Here's the inside of my bag. My camera, deodorant and planner are loose but it is so easy to just grab the pouchee and transfer my stuff from one handbag to another.

for your cell phone and bank cards

for sunglasses and ? - I keep hair bands in here so I can tie my hair up in this Jhb heat

look how much it expands

there's a slim pouch for my tissues and year planner and two bigger pouches - one for makeup, nail polish and lip gloss, and the other for my wallet. There are two really cute little pockets for lipstick (my lip gloss is there) and if I want to keep pens, I can use the other one.

What I loved
  • There are SO many pockets which make it really, really functional.
  • Very easy to use - organise once and as long as you return things to their place, your handbag should stay organised forever.
  • It's made very well - I don't even think I could break it and I tend to bash things around
  • The price is great ($21,50 for cotton and $22,50 for leatherette - I'm drooling over the moss-green leatherette - yummy!)
What could be improved?

I would have liked it to be a bit bigger (or maybe have one in a bigger size). However, for something so small, it expands to hold a lot of stuff.

Head on over to Sandy's site to see all the gorgeous Pouchee colours and have a tissue handy - you're likely to drool on your keyboard!


naomi said...

Ooh that's the perfect thing! I've been meaning to make something similar for my nice but overly roomy bag, and the only place I've seen similar is Muji in the UK. Great organising tip!

HDMac said...

That looks like a great organizing tool. Thanks for the review.

Well, I was going to send in pics of my desk for getting organized but probably a good thing that I didn't the way the past month has gone, but I am going to get caught up and put into motion some of the great ideas that I know you have shared!

Ginny said...

I was sent one to review & then giveaway. I am love with it & want to buy one for myself!

I love the size, if it was any bigger, it would be like it's own purse :) I believe there is a larger car version though, that might be something you are looking for.