Monday, January 19, 2009

Are your Christmas decorations down yet?

Before I share my Christmas story with you, I have to tell you a quick funny story.

We went to visit friends of ours one November.

I was most impressed because their Christmas tree was up already so I told them so.

She says to me, "we didn't ever take it down from last year" LOL

Isn't that brilliant?


I'm a very simple, no-fuss person. I don't like lots of knick-knacks and stuff lying around (more things to clean, people!) so my Christmas decorations are literally a bag full.

I have a tiny Christmas tree that stands on a corner table - you can see it on the right side of this picture. And we (Dion) string up some tinsel, shiny ball decorations and stockings.

And then I do the guest bathroom in red and green.

That's it!

Here's the extent of it - without the bathroom stuff.

Before I pack it away, I put each batch of stuff in its own bag. I started this last year and it worked a treat because nothing was dusty.

See that light green bag with the red? That's a felt string with some Christmas characters that we also string up. I roll it around an old toilet roll so it stays untangled and then ziploc it. You know how I love my ziploc bags.

And here's everything neatly packed away, ready to go to the very top shelf of my guest bedroom cupboards.

How much Christmas stuff do you have?


Marco Crupi said...

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Dixie's Whimsey said...

Marcia... first, thanks for stopping by my blog and viewing my china cabinet declutter... there's still too much stuff there, but at least now, it's organized...!

I have "skads" of Christmas decor, most of which hasn't been used in years! Yes, I know... another declutter project!

My office declutter/redecorate/organize project is going well. My start time for today is 8am...(CST) so I've allowed myself 1-hour of computer time this morning.. see, I'm learning. You really inspire me to simplify and organize.

blessings, Dixie

naomi said...

I do have quite a lot of Xmas stuff, but I'm proud of myself for buying a proper storage box with bauble compartments for bits and bobs, which makes everything look really organised. All the lights are stuffed in a big bag, and I have a few odd bits in a 3rd bag, but at least they look neat when stored away in the wardrobe. I did have quite a brutal clear out this year of things that are pretty but don't match the rest.

Thanks for brilliant blog with great ideas. Could you suggest some ways to store things for other holidays? I have bits for easter, valentines, halloween etc all hidden in palces around my kitchen, but I can never find them all when I want them!

Anonymous said...

I have two big Rubbermaid containers of wall and shelf decorations. Plus some small decorative Christmas boxes that hold my ornaments, when I unpack the boxes I can put them under the tree so it isn't empty looking.

After each Christmas I look in the containers to see what I didn't use and I toss it.

secondofwett said...

Well, I know this sounds terrible but I have ten Rubbermaid bins with Christmas decorations.....they're usually in other boxes in the bins so they take up more bins. I was determine to throw away a lot when I was putting the stuff away this time...and I did.....and I only saved one bin! I was very disappointed.

annie said...

Wow. I have so many boxes I haul down from the attic each Christmas and this year I bought tons of stuff on sale after so had to buy more tubs to haul even more up there! I need to scale down I think... ugh :)

Anne Alagna said...

WoW. That is one tiny bag! You take simplicity to a whole new level!

I currently have 4 large Rubbermaid totes (dark red) that hold all our Christmas gear. I could probably stuff it in 3 if I took out the books and movies and heritage-type stuff, but I like it all together so I dont forget -Hey, we have this movie -or -Hey, remember Grandma's such and such.

Compared to you, 4 large totes seems like too much, but compared to me, 5 years and 3 moves ago, it isnt much. Back then I had 8 large moving boxes full, not including lights or tree or yard decorations. Sure, I had MY 8 boxes numbered and inventoried so I could find what I wanted, but Hubby had HIS boxes just stuffed anywhere he could fit them in the rafters of the attic and often bought new when he couldnt find what he wanted.

This new system (still inventoried) works quite well and has greatly reduced the overall cubic footage of storage required.

jacki janse van rensburg said...

i didn't put up any decorations, so i'm all tidied up! :-)

i seriously love ziploc bags, and i store everything in them. i should get bulk discount.

i tagged you on my blog. it should be an easy 'task' for you, being so organised...

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I have 4 medium sized rubbermaid bins and one large one plus one box with my wreaths in it and yes, they are all put away. I just haven't gotten around to putting the bins where they belong yet!