Friday, June 06, 2008

The change of seasons is a good time to declutter

Remember this?

When I posted about how long we should keep clothes we plan to fit into, Carmen commented and shared what I thought was a fabulous idea - double decluttering!

She said that the first declutter is always harder for her so she then goes back over the same area a week or two later to see if she's changed her mind about anything else.

Absolutely brilliant idea!

So just before we went to the UK I went back into that wardrobe of mine and decluttered again. And it really was easier to make decisions the second time around.

Look at all these additional clothes I managed to get rid of the second time around!

They don't look like very much there but I filled two shopping bags to bursting.

This is the wardrobe before. The door on the left pretty much stays closed all the time with a small laundry basket in front of it, so I keep all the current season's clothes on the right. You can see some short-sleeved suits on the right and the pants hanging below are also summer clothes.

(If I could do the writing on the photos with arrows and such like you see on other blogs, I'd show you but for now, just pretend there's a line down the middle)

And this is the wardrobe after. I've now moved my winter pants and jackets to the top right and my long-sleeved shirts to the bottom. My boots are also easy to reach and the whole wardrobe is just a lot prettier. (when I've just organised a space, I like to leave it open for a few hours to just gaze at the loveliness, don't you?!)

And there you go - a beautifully organised wardrobe/ closet.

Have you heard of double decluttering? What do you think of the idea?


Cammy said...

That's a good-looking wardrobe!

As a lifelong clutterbug, I've found the double (and sometimes triple or beyond) decluttering works best for me. It feels more...controlled, if that makes any sense.

Thanks for the reminder that it's time to pass through the closet again. :)

Megan @ Disorder2Orde said...

I do something similar... I am all no frills when it comes to decluttering. I actually have to declutter once, then put it all in a bag, in transition to donate. I will browse through it once more before it's gone. Most of the time I am right on first time around.

I am all business when it comes to tossing. It's about making the hard choices when I am ready.... it's getting ready that's the biggest challenge for me.

Great post girls...