Sunday, June 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 30 June 2008

The Bay Cafe, Ambleside, Lake District - England
Let's see...1 ham sandwich, 1 portion of chips (yes, that's a portion - you'll see I took a bite out of the one if you look closely), 1 coffee and 1 tea for a total of £13 (R208).
I wanted a picture because for that same meal we'd pay about R50 in South Africa.
At the time I thought it was very expensive but I later realised that was NOTHING compared to Dublin :)
Weight loss
I've lost another 0.2kg. Slow and steady wins the race, right?! On the bright side, I went to gym THREE times this week (that's a miracle for me)
Anyway, onto this week's menu...
Stirfried chicken and veg in a satay sauce on noodles
Dion's night
Curry and rice with pumpkin
D - fish and chips
M - healthy pizza and chips
Tomato soup; cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches
Please feel free to ask the organiser (that would be me) any questions and tell me if you want to remain anonymous or if you don't mind me posting it on the blog. Thank you kindly :)
And now, I'm off to put the finishing touches to the handbook for the Virtual Organising Seminar and then to bed :)
Have a lovely week, everybody, and here's to healthy eating!

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