Sunday, June 15, 2008

Menu plan Monday 16 June 2008

Hi everybody

I've been baking again. Last Friday I made some spicy pumpkin muffins and today I baked some of Victoria's apricot crumble (pictured above) - yummmy!

Despite all of this, I am pleased to announce that I've lost a further 0.4kg, bringing my total weight loss to 0.9kg in two weeks. Yay! I seem to be back in the saddle with gym which is great :)

Did you have a good week last week?

Last week, I went back to gym after a whole month and it was great - I only go to dance classes and both were FANTASTIC! The best thing is the scale agrees because I've lost 0.5 kg.
Home/ office organising challenge

You are all invited to join me while you organise your home or your office for the next 10 weeks. Read more here.

I finally got hold of Sandra on Monday night last week. We had a plan to get together on Thursday but it unfortunately didn't work out as her niece had to go to the hospital. On the bright side, at least we got to speak!

This week's menu
Stirfried chicken, veggies and noodles

Dion's night - I think we're having omelettes

Chilli con carne and rice

Pasta with alfredo sauce

Burgers and low-fat chips
In South Africa, tomorrow is Youth Day. I don't talk much about politics because this is not a political blog but it's worth reading that link to see a bit of the background :)
Anyway, it's a public holiday here which means we only have a 4-day week and I plan to do lots of reading, cook a bit but nothing else that's too taxing. I plan to write my weekly ezine now (which I usually do on a Monday) so that I don't mess up a free day with WORK :-)
What does your week look like?


MoziEsmé said...

Looks yummy!

Wish someone had let me know about Youth Day yesterday! We made our way to Kruger Park early this morning, only to find a line miles long and no chance of getting in, thanks to the holiday.

Marcia said...


That’s terrible – I hate waiting in queues and hate it even worse when a plan doesn’t work out!

The next public holiday is 9 August (Women’s Day) so stay clear of that date too but other than that, it’s all good :)

Michelle said...

It all looks so good Marcia ;) I must make the spicy pumpkin muffins with my daughter..have a great week.

The Estrogen Files said...

Stir fry - YUM! We all (me and the kids) drooled over the apricot crumble. Looks like a yummy week! Happy MPM!