Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Home/ Office Organising Challenge


Kilbrittain, Ireland

Hi everybody

I don't even live in the Northern Hemisphere but I've been getting SO EXCITED about summer, just from reading the blogs. As you know, I'm a winter gal (just look at those gorgeous skies in the picture above) so am in my element right now with our cold weather in Johannesburg. If I could only have an insulated house like they do in the UK, I'd be as happy as a clam (anyone know if clams are actually happy?)!

So I decided in honour of your summer and our winter, we should do something fun together.




Here's how it's going to work:


Decide what you want to tackle for the next 10 weeks. It doesn't have to take you 10 weeks but you have 10 weeks to get it all done so there's no pressure. See? Still lots of time to laze at the pool, reading, or in my case to laze under my blanket with hot chocolate ;)

I suggest you choose a specific room (s) in your HOME or your OFFICE. There's enough in most offices to keep you busy for 10 weeks!


Set a deadline. Depending on the size of the project, choose your date of completion.


Decide on a reward for completing your project. Will you buy some pillows for your home? Do you want a new desk for the office?


Map out your "how to" steps. I suggest that you take a big piece of paper for each room and break your BIG project down into MINI projects. E.g. in the bedroom, there might be hanging clothes, shelves, bedside table, etc.

If you're not sure about the "how to", please get the Organise your Home system ( or 7 Easy Steps to Organise your Office (


Make yourself accountable to someone. Tell your family, a friend, your coach, or better still, post it on your blog and make yourself accountable to the internet!


With any project, it's always more fun when you do it together with other people so here's the thing - I'm hosting TWO Question & Answer calls over the course of the ORGANISING CHALLENGE. These calls are f-r-e-e for anyone who owns ORGANISE YOUR HOME or 7 EASY STEPS (and all clients).

Call 1 Thursday 26 June 8PM South Africa time/ 2PM Eastern Standard Time
Call 2 Thursday 24 July 8PM South Africa time/ 2PM Eastern Standard Time

During this time, you get 1:1 coaching and can ask me anything that you're battling with, tips and ideas about your organising project, etc, etc. Or you can just come listen in and get ideas from the others. Don't worry if you can't make the times - you can email your questions and I'll answer them on the call. Both calls will be recorded and the links will be put up on the password-protected site for all who have registered.


1. Leave a comment here if you're up for it.
2. Email me if you're a previous purchaser of the HOME ( or OFFICE ( product.
3. When you buy the product, in the comments section, please put "organising challenge" and I'll add you to the list for all the call-in information.

This is only going to take about 60 minutes every week.

Won't it be WONDERFUL to have a FUNCTIONAL and ORGANISED space at the end of August?

P.S. If anyone's a Photoshop whiz and can help out, please contact me - I need a button for this challenge to put on the blog ;)

P.P.S. If you want to see some travel pics, check out the travel blog at


Anonymous said...

Not sure how I missed this! I started organizing my kitchen yesterday!

I'm in!

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