Sunday, June 08, 2008

menu plan monday - 9 June 2008

Hi everybody

Did you have a good week last week?

My goal for June is to get rid of the extra 2kg I gained while on holiday in the UK and Ireland. I seem to have a built-in radar for baked goodies no matter where in the world I go and this trip, it was either Tesco's yum-yums (delicious!), scones with jam or THE most delicious doughnuts ever.

The friend we stayed with in Dublin, Craig, is a psychotherapist so we'd meet him at the hospital every day after work and before leaving, we'd pop into the canteen for tea and a chocolate-filled doughnut. My word - light, non-greasy with just a sprinkling of castor sugar - I'm salivating now just thinking of it! Absolutely delicious ;)

Anyway, so you can see how easy it was to gain weight.

Last week, I went back to gym after a whole month and it was great - I only go to dance classes and both were FANTASTIC! The best thing is the scale agrees because I've lost 0.5 kg.

This week, my goal is THREE dance classes :)
summer/ winter organising project
I'm going to be announcing a special project this week so keep reading. This is a bright idea that I had while in the shower :)

I've phoned Sandra four times and have still not spoken to her. Three times the phone just rang and rang and the fourth time I left a message. So will try again this week - I can't bear the thought that she's so close and we can't seem to get hold of one another!

This week's menu
Baked potatoes with bolognaise sauce

Dion's night - last week we had takeaways which I'm not keen on but oh well...

Pizzas/ garlic rolls/ tomato soup

Mashed potatoes, grilled fish in a tomato sauce

Pasta with spicy kidney bean sauce

What does your week look like?


Org Junkie said...

Have a great week and good luck on the weight loss!

annie said...

I hope you and Sandra get to meet IRL!
Have a great week. I was thinking of you today in church, looking at the bookmark you sent me.