Saturday, February 16, 2008

Organising tools, or clutter?

I love gorgeous boxes and baskets as much as the next gal. Looking at this shelf in my study makes me very, very happy.

But when is a box/ basket/ storage thingamajig an organising tool and when is it clutter?
Many of us buy things hoping that the things will bring us the results we so desperately crave.
So we buy boxes, baskets, storage bins hoping that by having the organising tools, we will miraculously become organised.
You may have figured out that that's not so :)
This is why buying the organising tools or using things around your home to organise your stuff is one of the last steps of getting organised.
When people buy my Organise your Home ecourse, they get a free report of mine, the DREAM method of getting and staying organised, as part of the MANY bonuses. One of the things I mention in that report is that only once you figure out how you want to store your things, that's when you get the container!
So before you go buying things, STOP and ask yourself if you're not adding more clutter to your home. To answer the question above, it's clutter when it has no purpose in your home.
Read more about the Organise your Home ecourse here and get your home organised this year!

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Megan @ Disorder2Order said...

So important Marcia. I think people really get blinded by all the fabulous products (me included) and forget to define a purpose.