Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm not neat but I'm organized (part 1) - book review

I'm not neat but I'm organized - Angela Yee

I got this book in November and I've been poring over it, bit by bit.

It is SUCH a great book that I wish I'd written it. Angela is clearly passionate about organising, I also love the way

Anyway, I'm going to be reviewing it in little bits because I've been making some notes as I read.

Some of the nuggets so far:

Purpose of organizing
Getting organised helps you achieve results, be more effective,
reduce stress and ultimately be the wise steward of your time and resources that
God intended.

Angela also says that there's a triad of organising - time, space and workflow (where time and space meet).

There's a fun How organised are you? quiz and my score said that I should put down the book and stop reading because I'm an organisational rarity :)

Now this is what I want you to think about for today, so listen closely:

There are 3 ingredients for success: motivation, knowledge and tools.

If we only have one or two, we don't get organised.

E.g. if you only have motivation, you get frustrated because you don't know how to do it. These make the best organising clients ;)

If you only have knowledge, you have a big head (Angela's wise words), because you know how to organise but you don't do anything about it. These people are frustrating to work with!

If you only have tools (and this ties into my clutter post the other day), you basically have clutter because there will be lots of stuff lying around. These are the people who buy things, hoping that it will get them organised. They can supply the stores :)

Now my question for you is this:

Do YOU have all three ingredients for organising success?

Buy your own copy here - BTW, Angela also made downloadable forms on her site so that you don't have to write in your book. Now isn't that cool?!

South African readers - my copy got to me in about a week!

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