Monday, February 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 18 February 2008

I worked on a client's home office on Saturday and it was awesome! There is such energy when you work with someone so you get things done quicker and you also get new ideas.

I can tell you, I challenged her thinking and we were able to declutter A LOT!


UK trip update
We booked and paid for our flights to and from London!

This week, we need to decide for sure how long we'll be in each country!

We are going to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland so if you know of any must-do things or must-see places, please let me know. Thanks in advance. And if you want to meet up, great - let's try and make it happen.


Food, glorious food...
Well, I must tell you, Dion and I were disappointed by Kai Thai (supposedly the best Thai restaurant in Jhb - but I can think of at least two that are better). Quite honestly that was the worst sweet and sour anything we have EVER tasted. Ever!

Anyhow, next time, we'll go back to my favourite Thai restaurant in Jhb, Chai Thai (my favourite in Cape Town is Chef Pon's Asian Kitchen!)

Here is this week's menu:

Stirfried chicken, vegetables and rice (carried over for TWO weeks now!)

Baked potatoes with spicy lentil sauce

Thai chicken curry, pumpkin and restore my faith in Thai cooking!

Cottage pie/ shepherd's pie

Burgers and salad

BTW, have you gone to get your free book yet? I am 18 subscribers from my February goal!

BTW2, invite me to be your friend on Facebook - I'm Marcia Francois and remember to say "I read your blog" so I know where you're from :)

Have a great week, everybody. Now I'm off to post on the other blog --->> because I want to join Motivating Mondays from this week :)

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PlanningQueen said...

Do you cook the Thai Curry from scratch? I have been after a good and easy curry to cook. I will check out the ebook.

Hamster said...

Heres a Thai cooking website.
It's got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along
Good if you like to try cooking Thai food at home