Friday, February 08, 2008

An empty inbox is like an uncluttered home

This is a picture of what my inbox usually looks like. Because I'm being completely open and honest with your, right at the moment, I have 6 in my inbox.
It makes me smile ;) to see that lovely uncluttered space.
There are probably about 5 - 7 habits I have that helps to keep my inbox empty.
I'll share one of the ways with you:
Every day I play a game with myself to see how many emails I can delete.
When you turn things into a game, it becomes fun and not a chore.
My aim is to delete 50 items daily. If I don't have that many after clearing my inbox, I go to my Sent Items to clear out!
Once you get used to seeing that uncluttered goodness, it's hard to go back to a full inbox. I know I can't. I almost start twitching when I see about 20 :)
So for the next week, let's have some FUN and see how many emails you can delete daily.
What are your inbox tips?


Veggiemomof2 said...

I use hotmail & I've made the inbox my homepage. It makes is quicker to open & I'm forced to see "pending" stuff every time I open a window. I also set my filter to "exclusive" so I know if it's inbox, it's not spam.

Megan @ Disorder2order said...

So, looking for email tips?

Most people don't realize that they can create folders to save those emails. It's kind of like a filing system for email messages. I actually have a folder of email templates... common emails (mostly for business related stuff) that I send. It basically has the email all typed up and I just cut and paste the body into a new email message... MAJOR TIME SAVER!

Want more, I got a million of them! I am like you Marcia... I love the look of a clean inbox!

Steven Hanks ( said...

Hi Marcia,

I've optimized my decluttering procedures by a combination of different techniques. First of all I've used the timing mechanism described by Mark Forster. Twice a day and all at once. But what works best for me is combination between current projects and archives. My Current Projects (or current initiative as Mark would refer to) cause a lot of e-mail traffic. Once in my inbox at the next batch moment I'll immediately place it in the folder and tag it. The next batch I handle all tagged e-mails. So within two batches I'd able to clear most of my inbox.

Yours Sincerely,

Steven Hanks