Monday, February 04, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 4 Feb 2008 & odds and ends

Do you like the new purple look? I felt like a change so I was playing around on Friday night! How do you guys with fancy blogs not feel like changing stuff? It's like a handbag for me - I get the itch to try something new every now and again :)


Well, we had to fire the new cleaning lady so we are back to square 1. The 3rd time she was here we went over everything AGAIN and again she assured us that she understands English and can read.

When we got home however, it felt like we hadn't even had that talk - everything was done in a real slipshod way which is not acceptable to me. Cloths thrown into the sink, clothes just tossed into my neat and tidy wardrobe, etc.

So we told her that she need not come back this week.

Now the other lady is bringing us another person on Wednesday. I checked that this person can speak and read English, and that she cleans well. Dion says, "what do you expect her to say? Of course she'll say she cleans well". True but I had to ask, right?!


We left this morning and it was gorgeous out - a beautiful Johannesburg day with a high of 27 degrees. Well, at about 2pm, it got dark very suddenly (those gorgeous grey skies that I love) and then started raining and has been absolutely POURING ever since.

Do you know what that means for Joburg traffic? My poor husband spent over 2 hours getting home (and he works just 20 km from home) and was drained!

Looking on the bright side - at least we have electricity! Yay - I can have tea :)


Anywayyyy, here we go with this week's menu:

Mince curry, rice and carrots (a nice curry is always perfect for cold and rainy weather)

Dion's night - apparently he is getting ** Nandos (spicy chicken and rice - yum)

Stirfried chicken, veg and noodles (I think I'll go with a sweet and sour theme, since I have carrots and pineapple - went on a HUGE Fruit & Veg City shop this weekend)

Spicy lentil sauce on top of baked potatoes

Burgers, sweetcorn and salad

And that's it - easy, quick and healthy (**Nandos is apparently the best of the fast food choices in SA....)

By the way, this is my last week of official Weigh-Less - I am too cheap to pay to just be weighed because this new lady doesn't do a talk or anything to motivate us.

BTW2, have you gone to get your free book yet?


Org Junkie said...

I sure do hope your new new cleaning lady works out, so frustrating I'm sure.

Have a great week Marci!!

Suzanne said...

Ok, I love the purple....but I HATE the green with it. lol Hey, you asked! Maybe a different shade of green will work?


Marcia said...

Suz, I changed the shade slightly for you - but what green do you like???