Friday, February 29, 2008

Challenges to getting organised

I'm not neat but I'm organized - Angela Yee

This is part 2. Read part 1 here on the 3 ingredients for organising success.

One of the best parts of this book is that Angela identifies the different types of people and then based on your type, she points you straight to the correct chapters to get you sorted.

Not only that, she also has the chapter organised so you can read just the Quick Start if you don't have a lot of time to read the whole chapter. Yessss!

If you have a difficult time getting organised, Angela says there are 3 different sets of reasons:

psychological - this is procrastination, not being motivated, not making organising a priority, hoarding, having disempowering beliefs like "creative people can't be organised", etc.

systemic - this refers to a lack of systems, like there isn't a system to keep the place organised so two days later, it's a tip again ;) or having the wrong systems like you design this complicated system that both your husband and kids can't actually maintain, making you go stark raving mad!

To quote Dr Phil, "how's that working for you?"

situational - this is when other circumstances like moving house or other people like spouses cause an organised state.

I actually get many questions where people ask how to get their spouses organised. Think I'll write about that next week ;)

If you find the process of getting organised challenging, what do you think is YOUR main reason?

You can get your own copy here - Angela is a really funny writer too so she gives gorgeous examples of her and her husband, draws cool flow charts to show the difference in their styles ;)

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