Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thursday 13 - 13 self-care ideas

Did you know you can organise your self-care?

Now and again, you need to put yourself first, even if just for a day.

Here are 13 self-care ideas:

  1. Have a nice bubble bath.

  2. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure.

  3. Get your hair done.

  4. Relax with a favourite book and a cup of tea or coffee. This is my favourite form of self-care

  5. Get takeaways.

  6. Buy some flowers - hey, sometimes, we’ve got to do it for ourselves!

  7. Watch a chick flick

  8. Take a 30-minute nap

  9. Start simplifying your life

  10. Bake a cake, some muffins, etc.

  11. Organise your clothes!

  12. Burn a fragrant candle and just relax

  13. Write in your journal for 30 minutes

Get out your planner and book a date with yourself at least once a month, preferably once a week or even once a day.

If you don’t schedule it, it won’t get done!

How often do you have self-care time?


Pieces From Me said...

I so agree with you on self care. I make time everyday to "escape" to my sewing room even for 15 minutes. Door is in time out!

annie said...

These all sound wonderful.

Coach J said...

Ok, is takeaways the same as take out over here?? :) As in, order food and bring it back home?? I just love your phrases!!!
I think blogging is my self-care time, but I do have a devotion time (almost) every day. It is so critical to our sanity to get away for a few minutes!!

Marcia said...

Oh, Jenny, I LOVE your comments. You ALWAYS make me laugh!

Yes, takeaways and take out is the same thing :-)

I must start a South African category and tell you more about SA!!

Military Mommy said...

I try to get the sitter (or my husband, when he's home) once a week to go do something for myself. I do alot of your ideas. My very favorite thing to do is to go sit in a quiet corner of the library and blog or read all alone. : ) I also enjoy pedicures or a massage on occasion, but those can get pricey. : )

Srushti said...

My favorite de-stresser is window- shopping... My husband and i work in the same office, and are together 24X7... so actually ANY time on my own feels great !