Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday - blogging photos & filing

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

1. This week, I decided to tackle a sub-folder that has been in my Blogging folder for months - photos to blog! When I download, I immediately sort and make separate folders and if I have time, I compress them all to website size. I'd done this already.

So I published all the photos on our personal blog (there were 3 posts and now there are 9) and I made lots of draft posts for this blog and the other one (check tomorrow for some Wordless Wed posts on both blogs).

2. While the photos were uploading to Blogger, I decided to use the time constructively by doing some filing. Some good multi-tasking going on. Upload 2 - 3 photos, punch papers, file, take file back to cupboard, rearrange photos and type captions, publish.



What did you tackle today, or what do you need to tackle?

Share in the comments!


Jodi said...

Good job! Have a great Tuesday!

Race Mom said...

Way to go! A clean desk always makes me feel great!

mistihollrah said...

Great job!

I need to do some filing-mines not on my desk but I need to clean out my four file cabinets!

Have a great Tuesday!

Karen@FamilyBriefs said...

Your desk looks great! Wish I could say the same for mine :) Maybe next week . . .

Lu said...

I organized my kitchen cabinets and although the post is written in portuguese you are all more than welcome to take a look at the photographs :-)
By the way, I love your blog!!!